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Author Liz Lovelock - Spotlight on her books!

The Lost One (Lost Series #1) by Liz Lovelock
THE LOST ONE (Lost Series #1)
By Liz Lovelock        
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published 10-9-14

My name is Melodi White. I had a dream once like every other girl, but one day my dream was ripped to shreds by my sister’s heartless boyfriend. It’s been three years since Abby was taken from my life. To me Abby wasn’t just any sister—no—she was my twin and my best friend.

Deciding to follow through our childhood dream of moving to New York, I head for a life of adventure and fun. One night, while out on the town, I find myself wrapped in the arms of a gorgeous, drop-dead-sexy man, Corban. He literally swept me off my feet, took my breath away with a single kiss and left me wanting more, a feeling completely alien to me.

Corban Andrews, CEO of Case Construction is wealthy, sexy and ravishing and is set to make my world come undone. Hesitantly, I put my trust in him, but will his rules and my lack of confidence let us explore what we could have together?

When a familiar face from my past reappears, it might push me so far into the darkness, Corban and I may not survive.

**Please Note** This is Book 1 in a 2 book series.

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1p5lzbx

The Missing One (Lost Series #2) by Liz Lovelock
THE MISSING ONE (Lost Series #2)
By Liz Lovelock        
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published 20 October 2015

My name is Melodi White. Everything in my life is finally perfect. I have an amazing man by my side, I’ve made lifelong friends and started to live the life Abby and I dreamed about. But things don’t stay perfect for long.

I’m constantly haunted by the past of my sister and her ex-boyfriend, Jacob. Can Corban and I move forward with our relationship when someone I never expected to see again returns, and throws us on an emotional rollercoaster?

With so much turmoil surrounding us, will our love be strong enough to endure when disaster strikes?

B & N: http://bit.ly/1hrLLAB

Dangerous Love (Unforgiven Series, #1) by Liz Lovelock
DANGEROUS LOVE (Unforgiven Series, #1)
By Liz Lovelock        
Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Published 11 August 2016

Jay Jones,  a first rate police officer is given a new undercover assignment which forces her to reassess her insecurities and to build a relationship of trust with her new partner—the one man who she thought she’d never see again, who once held her happiness and then took it with him when he left…Brayden Falcone.
Years after suffering a great loss, Jay remains guarded. The pain of getting hurt still haunts her. She holds a secret so great, it eats away at her happiness. She wants to tell Brayden all about what they both lost. But, all she remembers is the loneliness she felt and, the heartbreak she suffered.
Working closely with Brayden she knows he’s the one person who can save her from the hellish crimes she’s about to witness.
But Jay isn’t the only one who’s keeping secrets.


Liz Lovelock is from bright sunny Queensland in Australia. She is the mother of three little monsters, a wife to an amazing husband and very much a lover of everything books and reading. Liz has always loved books and, from a very young age she began reading comic books and then in high school her passion grew. She was given Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden for an assignment but, when that was done she continued to discover new books to fall in love with.
Liz always has a book she is currently enjoying and, a notebook beside her bed for in her hand bag for when inspiration hits at those crazy times. She is a stationary addict and will buy more notebooks and pens then what she needs. Her one click finger likes to go crazy as well.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"Eve of The Exceptionals" Releasing Soon!

Ms. Parker Sinclair  gives credit to the development of her imagination and passion for writing to multiple childhood destinations lacking indoor plumbing. It may sound odd, yet when your journey to adulthood consists of numerous backpacking, camping, and hiking trips to the most out-of-the-way and breathtakingly beautiful places in North America, the creation of games, worlds, and characters are the results. She would never trade the childhood her parents gave her, and she thanks them for raising her to have her own thoughts, dreams, and bountiful imagination. Oh and she wishes to thank them for teaching her that one should never leave their jeans on the floor of an everglades campground shower—lest they do the dance of the scorpions in the pants again! 

While attending college, Ms. Sinclair studied biological sciences and psychology, specifically animal behavior, but her love has forever been to write. There are boxes in her house filled with notebooks, journals, and logs with poems, stories, lyrics, and personal rants scratched into them with pencil, marker, pen, whatever she could get her hands on. Words demanded to be thrown out of her mind and onto paper by any means necessary. Ms. Sinclair’s studies have contributed greatly to the worlds, characters, and stories she creates, proving that no matter what path you take, it will all be part of where you end up—sometimes in spectacular ways!

Since 2007, Ms. Sinclair calls Virginia Beach home where she is employed as a full-time educational counselor, and finding time to write late into the night after her kiddos, and in many cases, her husband, are fast asleep. 

Check out her website today: www.ParkerSinclair.net

Parker Sinclair Books on Facebook, 

Instagram: Parker Sinclair Author, 
Twitter: Parker_Sinclair

Fans of Ms. Sinclair's books have also enjoyed The Hollow's series by Kim Harrison, Jeaniene Frost, Kelley Armstrong, Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Fifty Shades of Grey, Cecy Robson, Veronica Roth's Divergent, Cassandra Clare, etc.

We all go through periods of doubt and Gem is no exception.

Eve of the Exceptionals ~ A YA fantasy novel 
Book Releasing December 16th!

Eve of the Exceptionals
By Parker Sinclair
YA Fantasy & Romance (HEA)

When fate brings the young Prince Ryzyn and the rover girl Gem together, not only do their lives become forever entwined, their meeting also ignites the power within an ancient object—the Heart of Cyan. 

With the mystical Heart discovered, the wielder must prepare for an epic battle against a vicious, pervasive darkness that threatens all Parlethis. Magical forces unite for the good of the land, but will that be enough to stop the Shadowland creatures from destroying them all? 

Join the incredible journey full of magical beings, terrifying and majestic creatures, and the two young hearts destined to save a kingdom. 

BUY LINK FOR EBOOK - "Eve of The Exceptionals": 

Where you can find Author Parker Sinclair:

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Merry Christmas!

Author Migraine Central, Crystal Miles Gauthier and The Owl Branch Book Promotions would like to wish you all a 
Very Merry Christmas. 
Please know that we feel so blessed that all of you have joined the blog and continue to see what we are doing here! If there are any of you that would like to be featured here please let us know by using the contact email: authormom4033@gmail.com or contacting me at theowlbranch2015@gmail.com
Some new things are coming your way soon on this blog. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016


The Last Rock King by Seven Steps will be in sale for $.99 from November 28th to December 2nd, 2016

Upon it's release on September 27th, 
from the very beginning
this book promised to be a winner. 
Well here it is ON SALE...you be the judge. 

Cassie Washington thought spending her summer touring with a rock band would be an adventure… 

When Cassie’s father invites her to take time off from medical school and go on tour with the rock band he manages, she envisions traveling the world, meeting celebrities, and finally making peace with her estranged father. But when the rock star sets his sights on Cassie, she's forced to make a life-changing decision. Fulfill her lifelong dream of being a doctor, or become the Rock King's new queen?

Noah LaRock was once dubbed The Last Rock King, but that feels like a long time ago…

Noah’s popularity has waned, but he hopes this world tour will change all of that. After 
getting off on the wrong foot with the new on-staff nurse—Cassie, who just happens to be his manager’s daughter—his best friend Dondo is introduced to Cassie’s friend 
Kelly. The next morning, Kelly is found murdered.

As the tour goes on, more girls wind up dead…

Cassie pleads with Noah and the authorities, convinced that someone with ties to the band is behind the murders—but even after an arrest, the bodies keep piling up. And that’s not all for Noah—he learns that his record label’s dropping him, his money has run low, there's a killer targeting his fans, and his on-staff nurse has taken up permanent residence in his thoughts. 

Can Noah revive his career, catch a killer, and win Cassie's heart—or is it already too late for the…

Last Rock King?

About the author: 

"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me." William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing.

I am a working wife and mother and have been writing for as long as I can remember. One of my first book reviewers (you know who you are) often reminds me of my first short story. I was in third grade. It was about a bee's journey to find a pot of missing honey. He says that I have improved since then. I think that he's right. 

I enjoy hanging out with my family, thrifting, and Disney vacations. My favorite hobby is starting hobbies that I wont finish.

There are a thousand stories in my head at any given time. Hopefully, some of them will make it out for you to enjoy.

Feel free to checkout my website and sign up for my mailing list at https://www.sevenstepsauthor.com

 #sweetromance, #cleanread, #indieauthor, #interracial

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Author TW Knight - Cover Reveal

Title: His Soul to  Hold (The Dark Knights of Heaven #2) 
Author:  T.W. Knight 
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Soulless and exiled from Heaven the Dark Knights have not abandoned their duty. For millennia they’ve battled demons, protecting human kind from Lucifer’s servants. Now they face the greatest challenge of all—discovering love.
Breanna Thorn spent the last ten years fighting demons with her twin brother Sam, and she’s damn good at it. But at twenty three all she really wants is a normal life with dating, college and quiet. To balance the life she wants and the life she has, Bree studies demons and other supernatural creatures in hopes of better understanding the enemy. When she meets fallen angel Bass, Bree encounters a complication she never saw coming—love.
Bass’ persona of hedonism begins to crumble when he meets Breanna. She’s beautiful, intelligent, a kick ass fighter and the vessel for his immortal soul. He knows he’s no good for her but no matter how hard he tries to make Bree hate him, she keeps finding a way into his heart. He’ll do anything to keep her safe, even if it means giving up everything he is, and everything he wants.
After their parents are killed by monsters, demons, Sam Thorn focuses his life on protecting his sister and hunting the creatures that changed their lives. Now he finds himself swept up in a world where he’s surrounded by monsters and at risk of losing his sister—something he cannot, will not allow. When the rage burning inside him breaks free Sam finds he is a greater danger than the monsters he fears.
Hogart once walked the halls of Heaven, now he battles with voices in his head driving him further and further into madness. Being taken in by his fellow fallen angels, The Dark Knights, is both a blessing and a curse. Their energy quiets the demon within him but now he is permanently housed with the twins Sam and Breanna. The voices insist he kill them; his heart says otherwise.
Follow TW Knight on Facebook!
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DarkKnightsofHeaven01/

Title: His Soul to Keep (The Dark Knights of Heaven #1) 
Author:  T.W. Knight 
Published Date: October 21st 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Where fallen angels battle Hell’s demons, find their lost souls and discover love while hunting for a prophecy that holds the key to either their redemption or their destruction.
At twenty-eight, Cassidy Long is happy with her life. She has a job she loves, a great family, and a future open to possibilities. That all changes after she discovers she is the vessel for the immortal soul of an angel cast out of Heaven, and the only way to break the bond is by her death. Spirited away, Cassidy finds herself in the middle of an eternal war and falling for her angel.
Rail is captivated by Cassidy immediately, but fears it’s only the connection to his soul fueling his interest. He’s vowed to never fall in love, but fate has different plans. The more he fights his growing feelings, the deeper in love he falls. Cassidy not only holds his soul, but his heart. Now he will fight Heaven and Hell to protect her.
Heaven abandoned them, but they did not abandon their calling. Once they were the Watchers, teachers, and mentors to human kind. Now soulless and exiled from Heaven, forced into an endless war, some will fall while others rise to find their destinies. They are the Dark Knights of Heaven.
***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, 
Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***