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Rusty Tales Collection 

(Volume 1) by Victoria H. Loren

Introducing the Rusty Tales Collection Rusty is back in a delightful collection of children's picture books! Creatures come to life to share inspirations from a magical world of nature through the lovable adventures of a young pup in the Rusty Tales Collection by Victoria H Loren. Category- (Children's Picture Book Collection) Birds Fly, Why Can’t He – Rusty discovers the marvel of flight and helps a baby bird to find the courage to fly. The delightful discovery takes Rusty on a journey where he finds quite a surprise with this new wonderment. 

The Devil's Retreat (Digging Up the Past Book 1) by Brook Myers

In a sleepy mining town in Northern Montana, things aren't as they appear to be. Something evil lives in the forest, and it's been feeding off the town for decades. 

Aria Ballenger is the outcast of the town. But the town residents hold a secret about Aria that even she doesn't know. Will she make it out alive, or will she die at the hands of the Devil along with the rest of the town? 

Brooke Myers is a young author form Southern Indiana. She writes mystery suspense, and you can follow her writing adventures at

Crimson War by Brian Bringazi

Halloween 2010 is a day I'll never forget. It was the day that Hell took over the world and the day I lost my soul and my family. Before I go any further let me tell you about my life before the day of chaos. If you think I was an ordinary average Joe you're wrong. I was a special ops member of an elite group that was ten times more lethal than the United States Navy Seals. The government never gave us a name. Hell, my own family didn't know about my job. As far as they knew I was a businessman. Truth is before I had my family and worked for the government I was a mafia hit man. I spent two years in a federal prison. After I was released I got a job working at the local Best Buy. On one of my days off from work, I was paid a visit by a mysterious man whose name I don't remember. He offered me a chance to protect the country I helped destroy. The offer was that I come with him and become a member of an elite team whose mission was to wipe out any foreign government who threatened the U.S. Government's progress of total control. I took the offer as a way to redeem my soul. They set me up with an ordinary job to cover up my real job. My wife and I met while I was on vacation in the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise. Two years later we got married and had our beautiful daughter, Jade.

Raw Egg by Joe King

The problem with Gregor Planks as a fictional character is that he discovers he is trapped in a book. Naive and arrogant, the adolescent Gregor abandons a home life where his literary ambitions are viewed as an excuse to avoid working.
He soon finds himself in the town of Riverside, where a story-stealing seductress sets him along a plot that forces him to take up residence in a dilapidated motel room. In squalor, Gregor writes fiction on an old typewriter while attempting to support himself with menial jobs he believes no artist should have to endure. Gregor's assumption that he is in control of the fiction he writes is soon disrupted when a recurring character he created begins to talk to him. Life quickly becomes a blend of fiction and reality for Gregor as he travels in and out of the stories he writes while attempting to win the love of Hannah, a gawky waitress who is immediately repulsed by Gregor's disillusioned reality. Not to be left without a proper antagonist, the bulky restaurant owner - known to Gregor only as the hairy man - has an unquenchable desire to keep the would-be writer away from Hannah by any means possible. Blinded by his ego, Gregor overlooks the common threads of fiction that control his life and finds himself locked in a battle for his own existence.


Alabaster Bayou by Kerry D. Redford

From Chapter 1: The crimson liquid ran down her fingers past her elbows and pooled in her lap. Her skirt performed like a bowl posed to catch every drop. She sat alone in a chilled sweat on the hardwood floor next to the bed. The liquefied plasma began to thicken and turn black around her fingernails and blood stained lap. The rush was over; the thrill of making the man on the bed pay for his sins was gone.
He was just another fella looking for a good time who wound up sweating his last set of sheets with her. 
She had a seductive exquisiteness that allowed her to ensnare her victims with ease. She was the daughter of a black creole mother and white Cajun father and because of that she had an undeniable luster to her silky skin. Her deep violet eyes glistened from cocoa colored sockets that were embellished by long natural eyelashes. Hers was a beauty like no other, a beauty that could be used as a weapon that no man she had found yet was able to deny. Her deadly seductiveness was unmatched by any other known woman in the Louisiana Bayous. Always the postured princess, she straightened her back, brushed her blood speckled raven hair away from her shoulders and stood menacingly over her latest dupe. She licked her cherry colored lips as if she enjoyed a small taste of the life supporting sustenance she had drained from the pail motionless lover in her bed. 
Fairy Tales by Victoria H. Loren
The magic of fairy tales has captivated minds and hearts for centuries with a magical world coming to life in a make-believe realm of fantasy. Classic old world settings blend with modern theatrical creations to provide a unique contemporary flair to the story. The roles of characters from different worlds come together to create fascinating tales. Fairy Tales and Beyond: Collection of Assorted Short Stories creates a mythical journey with an innovative twist when humor collides with enchantment.
The first tale, Castlebrook unveils a mystical realm where the simple turn of a page releases creatures from the enchanted fairy tale book. Explaining the really ugly, smelly ogre under your bed or baby dragon in your closet toasting your clothes might be a little difficult. A mythical journey encountering enchanted creatures, though magical they may be, released a realm that must be restored.
The Second tale, Perfectly Mousy delivered an extraordinary adventure to a kingdom and land of royalty, far away and lost to all worlds, but one.
What if, a beautiful garden’s enchantment was real? The third tale, Faerie Dust, and Pigtails unveil the possibility of such a magical world. A young girl’s struggle to fit in is suddenly faced with new challenges of a winged nature.
The fourth tale, Cirques of Tales is a humorous, heartwarming adventure where the chitter-chatter of a select cirques group within the wild animal kingdom has attracted phenomenal attention. But it’s the heartthrob of this group that captivated onlookers with his very special talent. The gifted members of the troupe are not without tales of their own. Come one, come all for the Maddie Braden Cirque is coming to town, and what happens under the big top, stays under the big top.
The fifth tale, Jazzbelle’s Monkey Business features a whimsical tale of a pet shop’s owner and her struggle for success but not by means of fortune or fame.
The sixth tale, Slobber the Hound is a delightful account of a rather sporting century-old event, the foxhunt. The legend of the foxhunt categorically is a competitive but sordid affair.  When Slobber the unwavering hound dog leads the pack, the outcome is anything but predictable. Traditionally hounds hunt foxes, simple as that and no exceptions.
The seventh tale, Fellar leaves paw prints on your heart as the young pup embarks upon a brave journey of survival against wild elements of nature in search of his forever home. This inspiring tale is a compassionate odyssey of strength and devotion.
The eighth tale, Farmer MacKinnon, The Real Tale reveals the uncensored barnyard drama on a small, rural farm. A mysterious enchanted endeavor that solved the mystery of the real tale of farmer MacKinnon created quite a dilemma for the classical barnyard animals. The journey to reveal the secrets behind the tales was bittersweet, thus controversial. Should this mystery remain a secret?
The ninth tale, Just Ducky, is sure to bring laughter as the lineup of webbed feet and quacking bills waddle into your heart. Paddington Pond’s magical enchantment playfully embraces dreams and wishes that really do come true… that is if you believe the legend of Duckwaddle is real.
In the tenth tale, An underground rabbit patrol safeguards a hidden world, that’s all but, forgotten. The only order of resistance was from nature's transformation, The Renegades.  Would the dark secret remain intact or be exposed changing life forever?
What if, your best friend was different, really, really different than everyone else? The eleventh tale, My BF’s a Monster is a heartwarming tale that reveals the special bond of friendship is stronger and supposed to be forever. Or is it?
Antique signified more than, the value of a collectible old object. The last and final twelfth tale, Baby Doll has a bewitching history which may forever change the icon to validate the evil, haunting symbolism.

When an unexpected bomb was thrust into his arms. A secret so big, he had no one to turn to but her! The woman he’d met at his sister’s wedding.  Could he forget about the rules, and just let her heal him? For she too was suffering the greatest loss, anyone should ever have to go through...
It was a simple mistake, but it almost cost her life. She was told to take time off, and to get help to fix her broken heart and mend her soul.
But the nightmares were too much that she couldn’t get past her mistake, or the tragedy that took away the only thing that mattered.
Secretively she went to the only one who made her feel at peace and made her happy, though if her brother ever found out, she would be locked away.  However, arriving at her best friends, she was furious to see that he had lied to her. But had he? Could she get past her own pain and help him with his? And would she be able to confess what had brought her to him so unexpectedly, before her brother caught them?
Was it possible that each other was the key to them getting a second chance?

Crown of The Ember by Lory La Selva Paduano
Jordan Valentis is a young girl with omnipotent power held by the hands of her ancestors. Determined by an ancient oracle in a faraway land of the uncharted and secluded tribe, she enters a different faith in secrecy for the prosperity of her kind in Villania. Curious about her home land, Jordan is a rambunctious child at first, who explores the world around her, and becomes deeply intrigued by the (Arcana Wigwam)—a place highly guarded, possessing a powerful enigma that has Jordan desperate for answers, for which she hadn't been successful in her younger years, in reaching its core.
Destined to be an (Oriborn), she quickly adjusts to all that is thrown her way, and becomes the (Alpha and Omega) of all that walks and breathes in the world to come. Will Jordan ever uncover the mystery of the Arcana Wigwam, or will (Adriaticus) hold the key to their future?

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Craving Tori "White Timber Pack" Book 2

Author J. J. Marstead
Craving Tori: ‘White Timber Pack’ Book 2
Genre: Fiction/Romance/Fantasy ‘Shifter-vampire’
Author: J.J. Marstead
Release Date: December 8th, 2017

A powerful desire for something.
“A craving for chocolate” or “A craving for Tori…”

Tori’s violent past refuses to be forgotten, but her hopeful future won’t be dismissed so easily.
My past has left me broken and hopeless, but it’s nothing a much-needed visit to my best friend, Elizabeth, can’t heal. I could never have predicted the changes that would come with that simple act of showing up on my best friend’s doorstep, but you won’t hear me complaining. I’ve met my mate, made great strides towards healing my broken self, and I found a place I want to call home.

This is my story. My past is humiliating. I’ve been beaten.

My heart has been shattered.

I’m broken.

I am nobody. But to Ryan Jackson…

I’m craved.

Pre-Order Links:
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CA- http
s:// UK- AU- NOTE! This will be a three-part series. You can also check out book one on Amazon! Here are the links:
Ravishing Elizabeth ‘White Timber Pack’ Book 1
Available only on Amazon at this time!
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s:// CA- UK- AU-

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Savannah Verte's Thanksgiving Crossword Blog Hop!

Welcome to Savannah Verte's Thanksgiving Crossword Blog Hop!
Let's start with a bit of a feature about her book then the details for the hop!
The puzzle is at the bottom of the post for you to print or download!

Veil Break (novella) Also part of Haunting Savannah box set

Paranormal Romance

In the autumn of 1865 an unnatural fog blanketed the back river waterway between the ocean and the Savannah Georgia port. As the mist lifted, it revealed that an entire fleet of barges, tugs, and merchant ships had all disappeared in the hours between sundown and sunrise. Not a single one remained.

When Holden Henry's small tug re-emerges through the Halloween thinning veil one hundred fifty years later, he comes face to face with his past as he meets Esme Anders, an old soul who knows all about him, his disappearance, and the years between. His boat is intact, as is he, but everything else has changed, including the land he called home. His Savannah isn't the same anymore.

Savie’s Thanksgiving Blog Hop 2017
The answers are all things from Savannah’s books, things she loves, or qualities/attributes she values.
The clue for each answer can be found at the blog listed on the date in November equal to the number. IE: 10 across would be on the 10th, etc.  ***NOTE – on the 1st & 15th there is more than one blog to visit. They are noted on the puzzle & highlighted so you can see where the answer goes. Also, Every 5 days, Savannah will be checking in and giving a clue on her website as well…they are denoted as ‘s’ clues. For those – go to Savannah’s Blog:***

Hey Crossword Hoppers...
As several of you have messaged or emailed Savannah to point out - we hit a small glitch today. NO WORRIES!
Every 5 days she is posting from her website blog and will make SURE that you have the clues if the posts continue to be squirrelly....just make sure to check in there and on the 5 days for the "s" clues to catch any that get lost in cyberspace.

We want you to get to complete the puzzle and have a chance to WIN!!
To be entered to win you must pm your completed crossword to Savannah’s facebook author page ( or email it to her at

The drawing will be held no later than Friday, December 8th & the winner will be contacted.
They then will have 5 days to respond or default & a new winner will be selected.

Ready for my clue: Something We Plan For.
Download the image to work online or print off…submit a photo or file of the completed puzzle by the deadline to enter.


1*1      Down                Written Love Reviews                                   
1*2      Down                Musings from an Addicted Reader           
1*3     Across                Obsessed by Books
s1        Down                Savannah
2          Down             Author Migraine Central
3          Across                Turning the Pages
4          Across                Booked and Loaded
5          Down                 Karen writes Murder
s5        Down                Savannah
6          Down                 Dena Garrison- Real… Hot… Romance
7          Across                Wickedly Innocent Promotions
8          Down                 Clare & Lou’s Mad About Books
9          Across                Summer’s Smexy Book Reads
10        Down             Ellie’s Witchy Life
s10      Across                   Savannah
11        Down             2 Bibliophile’s Guide
12        Down             Dirty Bad Bloggers
13        Across                Author Mireille Chester
14        Down             Twinsie Talk
15*1   Across                A Naughty Book Love Affair
15*2   Across                ILoveBooksAndStuff Blog
s15      Down                Savannah
16        Down             Little Shop of Readers
17        Across                SydneyGen Reads
18        Down             I don’t get Sundays
19        Across                Triple A
20        Down             Books 2 Blogs
s20      Across                   Savannah
21        Across                Those Crazy Book Chicks
22        Across                I Smell Sheep
23        Across                Terri Luvs Books
s23      Down                Savannah
24        Across                Read Our Thoughts Book Blogs
25        Down             Eskimo Princess
s25      Down                Savannah
26        Down             Author Kassie Lane
27        Across                A Book Lover’s Emporium
28        Across                Country Reads
29        Across                Barbara’s Book Reviews
30        Across                   Savannah

Author Bio:

A lifelong lover of words and reading, Savannah Verte hasn’t quite figured out what she wants to write when she grows up. Born and raised in the upper Midwest, Savannah’s gypsy spirit and never quit attitude keep her busy and seldom idle. For so many reasons, Savannah considers herself a ‘Contemporary Vagabond’ when it comes to writing and hopes that others find her diverse offerings as enjoyable to read as they are to write.

As the primary owner and driving force behind Eclectic Bard Books, she considers herself immensely fortunate to see writing from varied perspectives as she endeavors to publish the authors rostered there. Working with other writers, Savannah gets to expand her horizons every day as someone brings a new idea to the table and the brainstorming begins. There is something addictive about the creative process for her and helping other authors embrace their dreams make hers a reality daily.

That’s the official Savannah, the unofficial version is just a girl who loves experiencing life with every twist and turn it takes. When she was born, she had such fine, light hair that her mother used to tape bows to her head so people would know she was a girl. She’s had a host of crazy unrelated jobs- everything from cake decorator, dry cleaner, and insurance agent to Emergency Room assistant, bartender, crime lab tech and bouncer. Savannah loves air hockey but completely sucks at it. She loves good jazz, good scotch, and antiques but also old rock, a quiet tea, and a tidy home. She’s completely technologically impaired and can get it after she’s broken the computer or done it ass-backward a few times… Thank Gods that there are some amazing meme creators that let her pilfer images or she’d be lost. Lime green is her color, the rhinoceros is her logo & philosophy, and she’s completely mad about seeing new authors try.

Follow Savannah on Facebook: or on her webpage My Revolution: