Thursday, November 6, 2014


    Now that winter is setting in we are all experiencing those aches and pains of bodies changing, preparing for the long winter months. Yeah, I sure am. I just want to put the sweat pants on, long sleeve, socks and slippers, curl up with a good book and tune the world out. However, more easily said than done. Having kids in school or getting up early in the morning, we all just want to crawl into a hole and forget the duties of life. You all know this cannot be done. What can be done is one thing for yourself to help get you through the winter. The one thing is...meditate. I know, I know. You don't have time to meditate? Yes, you do! If you can zone out to the television or lock yourself in a bathroom, you can meditate. I bet more than half of you, are on your phones and computers more than 3 hours a day. Well, if you are browsing through shopping sites, or Facebook.STOP, Tune out the world around you or put on some headphones for goodness sake. Find a beautiful picture or reflective image. Look at it for one minute. Stop. Close your eyes. Take yourself to that place. Take ten deep breaths. Smile...Keep your eyes closed! Smile, take five more regular breaths. Open your eyes, look at the picture for a minute and repeat the other things one more time. Now, do you feel calmer? I bet you do.

If not email me.  You need help! LOL

I wish you all a stress free winter.

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