Sunday, January 11, 2015


And She Waited by Shakuita Johnson

After reading the first chapter of this book I was sure it was going to be a cliché, girl falls in love with boy, he leaves her and she falls in love with her best friend. I was wrong, very wrong. Nothing in the least big cliché about this story. What a rollercoaster of twists and turns it turned out to be. Which in my eyes is genius. My emotions started to play havoc with my psyche as I continued to read. The emotional storm that reigned in Ravens mind came to life on the pages of this book. The character Remy…is well one you have to read about to believe. Matthew the friend has a role that will boggle your mind in this book of outrage, sorrow and travesty. The author, brought these characters into my mind with such force, I doubt that I will ever forget them. Five stars ***** for a well written, well executed tale of one persons struggle to maintain her sanity when faced with unbelievable obstacles. Have the tissues and a foam brick to throw while reading this incredible work of literary art.
The addition of the spotify playlist was remarkable in how each song resonates with the story so well.
To review my first book on this website was so exciting. Something spoke to me and said, read this one first. I wondered whyy this feeling came over me to actually read “And So She Waited.” I can tell you now, I can identify in some ways to the main character. I needed to read this book in its entirety in just a few hours. I don’t know why it had such a strong pull in me. But I am so thankful it found its way into one of my favorite’s, virtual bookshelf.
The addition of the Spotify playlist was remarkable in how each song resonates with the story so well.
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