Monday, July 20, 2015

Spotlight on Bill Miller

Bill Miller is an acclaimed Author. His wonderful books SEEDS OF MAGNOLIA and RAINBOW are featured here today. 

Seeds of Magnolia -
The most peaceful years of Austin Miller’s life were before he married. Only he, Sophia and her mother, Elizabeth, were in the house. After his marriage, the house became a hotbed of chaos fueled by overzealous attitudes and unyielding temperaments. His marriage had been strained by adultery, and after it had been patched, they were separated by the war. Sophia’s best friends were three white girls that she grew up with. When seen by someone that did not know them, they would assume that all four were white. The color of their skin would not be enough to tell that one had a trace of black blood in her veins that made her a slave.
Appearing to be white did not make a person white, and being black had its’ limitations. Yet, in a small southern town in Tennessee, Sophia ignored the social code regarding interracial relationships.
Seeds of Magnolia unveils some of the stories that have been sheltered by the family—stories that have been kept in the closet, swept under the rug, or just gone untold.

Rainbow -

Racism is an amoral tradition—especially between White and Black people—that forces us to live in a world filled with madness and hate. It is a tradition that has become an institution, one that has been passed along from one generation to the next since the first encounter of the two races.

It’s impossible to understand the human mind, what makes us tick, and what sets us off. We are all so different, not referencing physical makeup or genetics, but our thought processes, behavioral patterns, what we believe in, and why. Most of us don’t even pay attention to ourselves, and most of the things that we do are second nature—born of habit and then done instinctively—because we have been a certain way for so long.

Racism and other societal issues associated with it are discussed in the book, End of the Rainbow. It is certainly not an issue that the author prefers to write about. Yet, the book was written with the hope that it will make at least some of us reexamine ourselves and then ask why.

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