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Author Victoria H. Loren tells us..........

Coming in the near future...the release of Rusty's Chronicles Rusty's Chronicles takes us on a journey visualizing life through the eyes of a lovable pup with each encounter allowing us to laugh, cry, or just give in to the warm fuzzy feeling of his innocence.
I am thankful to be a small part of this journey and look forward to new acquaintances and friendships. May your life be filled with peace, joy and enriched with lots of paw prints. One voice can make a difference ... your voice. 

 Victoria H Loren

Spotlight on Funny Man Bob Dixon!!!!

Bob Dixon is a two-time Guinness World Record holder for the World's Longest Cartoon Strip. He is the author and creator of a number of comic book titles for Pocket Change Comics, including Assassinette: The Mind Stalker, Psyco Duck, Jester's Dead, The Holy Knight, Riplash, Shadow Slasher, and Warzone 3719.
Bob has written two children books, Rooty the Tree Troll and Holiday Bunny; two young adult books, Mouch and Company: The Dream Psychic and Rags and Ruins; An adult humor book Snafu Fubar : Nothing Heroic; and is the co-author of Will Jones' biography A Tough Call. Bob is also the Writer/Director of the movie Dr. Prozak's Office. Additionally, he is a certified special education teacher who works with children who have autism and intellectual delays.

This Book is a must read if you have any sense of humor at all!
Snafu Fubar: Nothing Heroic -

If you are easily offended, then this is NOT the book for you. Please put it down and back away slowly. However, if you have a warped sense of humor, please read on. 

In the town of Lost Hope, Florida reside two heroes unlike any others. These champions of justice go by the names of Snafu Fubar and General Nuisance. Nightly they patrol their fine city to protect it from evil's grasp. And by 'patrol' we mean they sit on a porch, appropriately nicknamed 'The Fucking Nuisance Cave', drinking beers, smoking cigars, and talking about sex.

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Author Wisdom from C.L. Scholey

When Crystal asked me to write about my success as an author I was flattered and a bit overwhelmed. I’m not a USA Today bestseller or NYT Bestseller but I do sell and have hit #1 Amazon numerous times, ARe bestseller though it’s a moot point now as with Fictionwise. I’ve hit bestseller on Bookstrand. Managed in the hundreds on Barnes and Noble. Was author of the year with a book of the year. Second in so many categories with different books and publishers with awards.

All authors love to write so it’s not that I’m doing anything differently. All authors have passion, drive, and I bet each of us is an emotional roller coaster. My words are geared to what I’m feeling most often. If I’m sad so are my characters, when happy, ticked off—same.

So why do some authors sell better than others? I’ve read amazing books that get little notice and some really awkward stories that go far. I’m not sure there is a ‘fair’ factor involved. I think there is a lot of luck. I also think promotion has a great deal to do with some authors. For instance: If you have a box of kittens in a barn in a corner who will know? You might get the odd family member or friend. But if you put a sign up outside the barn it may catch added attention. If you go a step further and put flyers out you may sell all your kittens, in the paper, you may even have some asking when the next litter will be born.
A good publisher is important if you decide to go traditional. It’s in a publisher’s best interest to help you with your book, after all they have an investment. Check out the publisher and their authors. If you have a publisher who couldn’t care less, callously tosses your hard work up for an unreasonable amount or a paltry sum you’ll run into difficulty if they leave you stranded and do zero promotion—either way. If the cost is too much remember, readers blame price on authors  regardless when being informed the publisher sets the price. If the cost is too little other than for sales purpose readers may think the story isn’t even worth the small amount. Do your research. If you self-publish be forewarned you’ll need the backup of some die hard readers. Readers are invaluable. Readers who take the time to share your work, review your work or offer suggestions are gold. Treat them as such because they have no ulterior motive, they just love your work and you’re lucky to have them.
Know your worth. I don’t mean simply money, I mean know what your words mean to you. Years ago I had an editor rearrange a story until I felt it wasn’t mine, I felt bullied. Some changes are fine, some advice is truly wonderful, but the second you put your words down you own them, you have to be happy with them. Your life won’t be over if you tell someone ‘reject changes’ and put your foot down. YOUR name is on the cover. Yours. That’s what people remember.
Why do you write? No—really? Each time before I begin a story I ask myself that very question. Like dreams there are some who must continue their explorations in their sleep because their mind will not be contained when your eyes close. Words are explosions onto paper. Extensions of you that will not be harnessed.
Go big or go home…always go big because, no worries, if you’re an author you will always have a home. It’s inside you. It’s where your characters live until you write the life into them. I can write anywhere. My thoughts and ideas are a blink of an eye away at any given time. And don’t just ‘write what you know’. I’ve never met a Zargonnii, Castian or Tonan warrior! Step out of your comfort zone, there is no ‘box’. Do, write what you feel.
So, why/how do I sell books? Hell if you can figure it out let me know. It’s 1am as I finish this. I still have zero clue. Then again, it’s 1am. Everyone in my house is asleep including the dog.
Whether you sell or not, ask yourself one last question. Does writing make you happy? If the answer is yes, then you have the most important sale of your life; you just sold you—to you. That is the most important emotional financial exchange of your life. You must be important to you. You will be the one weathering the insecurities, the edits, the frustration, the patience needed involved from start to—lol, there is no finish. You will weather the reviews from day one until you pull the book and decide it’s ‘day done’. I hope you never have a day done. Welcome to being an author. 
J by C. L. Scholey

                                        Here are the books that went bestseller. 

C.L. Scholey's Amazon Author Page

Clarity's Doom:

The newest book from C.L. Scholey is a collaboration of an anthology. UNTAMED SHIFTER LOVE: 


Five sizzling hot stories of shifters finding their mates


A mouse by any other name would still be a mouse. Except Carlin is no mouse—it's just her nickname. Kidnapped by a Kodiak bear shifter and his gang, they demand Carlin shift into the mouse they think she is to help them rob a bank. When she's unable to shift, her captor assumes she's merely frightened and she’ll eventually shift…or die.

Tarvor has been on the gang's tail for years. The bounty hunter wasn't in any rush to capture the thieving nuisances, but now they have his mate. No more will Tarvor let the shifter gang run loose. Tarvor wants Carlin, and he wants her now.

LORD OF THE HUNT by Juliet Cardin

For generations the men of the Cole family have turned into wolves. Balen Cole has relentlessly searched for an end to the transformation. He becomes especially desperate when his betrothed arrives earlier than expected, seeking his protection.

Alena Harford had to rush to Balen's side when another man sought to claim her as his own. Though she’s heard the rumors about the Cole family, Alena is willing to risk anything to be Balen's bride. She plays the role of a delicate lady, but she isn't as helpless as she leads others to believe.

The pair finds love in each other's arms. But can they survive when a vile menace arrives threatening to expose their secrets and endangers their very lives?

MOONLIGHT by Ashlynn Monroe

Joslyn Jamison is a human woman that was raised by werewolves. After graduating college, she returns home, trying to decide if she should marry her long-time boyfriend. The man she really desires is Kane Wolfe, the secret crush of her teen years, but he's very off-limits. 

Kane Wolfe is used to getting what he wants. He patiently waited for Jossy to grow up and see that she belongs to him, but he waited too long. Convincing the human that she's a fit mate for a werewolf is harder than he thought it would be.

When Joslyn is thrown into the middle of a pack war Kane is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her. She's brave enough to live in his world, but is she courageous enough to accept him as her mate?

THE HUNTER by Olivia Starke

In order to impress Mike Conner, her crush from the gym, Trinity Gaines decides to head to a local conservation area to snap some wildlife pics. When she's attacked by a large animal, she's left wounded and helpless against whatever is stalking her through the trees.

Hunter Mike Conner let a werewolf slip from his grasp. Then he finds Trinity stranded in the forest after being attacked by the monster, and he's riddled with guilt. She's been served a death sentence—one he'll have to carry out himself in a few short weeks before she shifts.

The chemistry between them is undeniable, but Trinity and Mike find themselves in a fight for their lives. Will they survive or will the werewolf within Trinity destroy them both?


Porsha was born prematurely—a rare thing for a dragon shifter—and even as an adult, she's still small. Because of her size her parents were very protective. Now, her mother and father have decided it's time for her to mate, and they're determined to find the perfect person. They plan a party to introduce her to those males they deem worthy. The night of the party, Porsha runs away, and shortly afterward she joins the staff at Dragon's Heart as a waitress.

William returns to work at Dragon's Heart after taking some time off to deal with the loss of his mother. He's trying his best to move past his grief and get on with his life. When he meets Porsha, a new employee at the club, both of them immediately know that they're destined to be mates. But they may never get the chance, because Porsha's parents show up, determined to take her back home. 

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT with Author Pamela Ackerson

Author Bio: 

Pamela Ackerson’s storytelling all began with her younger brother, creating wonderful children’s stories on vacation trips to keep him occupied. Later, she started writing poems and short stories as a teen.
Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pam now lives on the Space Coast of Florida where you are encourage to reach for the stars. She’s just a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando and Disney World, where imagination and fantasy abounds. She has three children, all girls, three grandchildren, and a wonderful husband who puts up with her writer quirks.
Pam may have majored in child psychology with a minor in English, but her distinguished choice of careers never made fruition. Instead, life led her to working in restaurants, interior decorating, owning an advertising business, content editor for a publishing house, teaching and owning a ballroom dance studio, and real estate investments. She is a practicing herbalist and has been involved in the use of natural treatment with raw herbs for over thirty years. As her day job, she currently works as the V.P. of Marketing and Advertising for the book review magazine, Affaire de Coeur.  


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

For as long as I can remember...I’ve been creating stories since I was a young child. I won a short story contest…took first place, when I was sixteen years all. It’s been a long road and worth every second.

How long does it take you to write a book?

I’ve taken up to two years to write a book. Most of the time, it takes about a year, including historical research.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I take care of everything that needs to be done first. My other job, and other domestic necessities come first and then, I disappear into my writing world.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Phone off…got to be comfy, quiet, no radio, coffee on one side, and snacks on the other.

How do your books get published?

I am now publishing my books through Create Space and KDP. I’ve done traditional/standard publishing with a publishing house. I’ve done the vanity press route. I’ve done complete 100% self-publishing. I have found it to be the best advantage for me right now.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Everywhere! I could be riding down the street and see something and boom, there’s my story.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I started writing my first book in 1996. It took two years to write, including research. It was four years before it was finally accepted by a publisher. I was 42 when my first book was published.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

We love to travel, swimming, sailing, and fishing.

What does your family think of your writing?

I’d say there’s mixed feeling. They all support me in any way they can. They’re proud of what I’ve accomplished and as true family can be…get irritated when I’m lost in my “fantasy” world. J

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I can’t write love scenes. They feel forced, so I decided that I’d just keep it sweet and simple.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

Eleven books. I’d have to say my favorite would be Across the Wilderness.

Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

I could write a book on that loaded question. Don’t give up. Listen to your heart. Don’t force the writing.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I do hear from readers (a handful a month) and absolutely love it when I do. The most common question I get is “when is the next book coming out?”

Do you like to create books for adults?

Yes, I do.

What do you think makes a good story?

A fantasy/fiction that takes the reader on a ride and makes them want to come back for more.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I wanted to be a child psychiatrist.

Any books in the works?

Yes, a time travel story of a man who finds himself in all sorts of odd situations as he searches for a missing woman.

What are your plans for the future?

To live a long, healthy life so I can keep writing!


I WAS JUST A RADIOMAN - The day that will live in infamy was just the beginning...

I Was Just a Radioman
In 1940, still in high school, Henry P. Lawrence joined the Navy Reserves. Little did he know that a year later, in May of 1941, he'd be called to service and deployed to Hawaii. 
No one believed the Japanese would be aggressive enough to attack a U.S. territory. Their cripple the United States military. The attack at Pearl came hard and fast.
I Was Just a Radioman is a collection of the memoirs of ARM Henry P. Lawrence, a WW II Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat, and decorated war veteran.

DEAR MARGARET - Based on the true story of a Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat and decorated war hero. 

Dear Margaret,

In a world that had gone bonkers, two friends try to keep each other grounded by writing letters to each other during WWII. Although, what happened in their lives was vastly different from each other, they found a common ground, a way to keep each other sane.

From mundane daily chores to life threatening events, these letters from two pen pals take the reader on a journey into the past, a past where nightmares came true, and when hatred reigned.

A time in history that we should never, ever forget.

Out of The Wilderness - Book #5 in the Wilderness Series - 

She’s stubborn. She’s feisty. She’s determined. She’s a walking disaster… A marvelous and fantastic journey, enjoy little known history crafted with original, brilliant unforgettable moments, unforgettable characters, and an unforgettable adventure that will keep you shaking your head. Karen Standing Deer's daughter, Jennifer, knows exactly what she wants--to fall in love and marry a Native American just like her father and brother. Everyone else is immediately dismissed. Her friends and family keep telling her, the one you want could be right in front of her face. Unfortunately, like watching a bolt of lightning hit the ground, there's nothing that can be done about it. She has the uncanny knack of choosing the wrong men, every time. Traveling to the past, with the belief that her one true love can't be found this side of the millennium, she refuses to learn that she doesn't have to go back to the past to find the one--she just needs to go back to the past to find her path.


"Stories that stir within us the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow." 
The mysterious dreams had become a reality. Traveling through time, Dr. Karen Anderson found herself in the land of the Lakota, in the midst of the Indian wars, and the movement west. Swept into the arms of the sensual, dark-haired warrior, Standing Deer, from her modern-day hustle and bustle to the temporary serenity of life on the Plains...over the span of time, they fight for yesterday and together find the promise of tomorrow.

The time-travel saga continues. Dr. Karen Anderson returns to the past, to the Lakota and her life with Standing Deer. The Little Big Horn Battle – Custer’s Last Stand looms, ending a lifestyle the People have always known. Over the span of time, they fight for freedom and the promise of tomorrow.

The legacy continues… 
        Love is the silver lining in a cloud of woe. 

Fire-fighter and paramedic, Matthew Standing Deer, son of Standing Deer and Karen Anderson, seeks his path in the untamed world of the Lakota Nation only to find himself hurtled into danger, uncontrollable greed, and searching for a serial killer. The twists and turns of destiny spirit him to the wild and dangerous Great Plains and the crush of reality for a love he can never have. Danger looms over everyone's head. How can he be with his one true love when all he can do is fight to survive?

      Stories that stir within us the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow.

The time travel saga continues with Matthew Standing Deer. Sixteen years ago, Matthew Standing Deer's father was killed in the Little Big Horn battle. He has returned to the past, to the Lakota, to visit with family and friends. All was going well until Matthew arrived at the reservation and all hell broke loose. Death and darkness surround him and the Lakota. Will Matthew survive the tragedy of Wounded Knee; only to watch the end of an era for the home of the braves?

Contact Links:

Amazon author website:





Come See Pam's Page on


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Author Pamela Ackerson and other authors.

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SPOTLIGHT ON Author Andi Lawrencovna

Author Andi Lawrencovna 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Eighth grade. I hated reading and writing until I was probably in fourth or fifth grade when I started reading K.A. Applegate’s Everworld series and the Jedi Apprentice books…which are completely unrelated, in retrospect. But, the fantasy, the adventure, the beauty of the words on the page all combined and I fell in love and have been reading ever since. When I went into eighth (maybe it was seventh(?)) grade, I had a teacher who encouraged me to join Power of the Pen and I haven’t stopped writing since. 

How long does it take you to write a book?

It really depends on the book. Charming came to me all at once and within a month it was there ready to go. This latest release with the Stoking the Flames anthology had a deadline that I was working within. But some projects take longer, whether because the story is more complex or the characters need that extra time to fully find themselves, who can say?

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I have a full time job that I hold down between writing projects, so it’s tight. When I’m on a roll, it is smooth sailing and it’s pretty much write until my eyes don’t stay open or my fingers make too many mistakes and I’m hitting the backspace key more than the spacebar. When inspiration is a bit slower, I try to force myself to write at least one sentence a day. “But one sentence is nothing!” So true, but I find that if I make myself write one, another usually follows, so maybe it’s not a whole scene or a chapter, but it’s something to accomplish and that’s the best part. Writing, for me, isn’t work and shouldn’t be work. It’s my passion, my love. The moment I have to start trudging through it is the moment I lose all joy in the work, so I do my best to never push myself into hating what I’m working on. If I get tired of one project, I start or work on another. So, while it’s not great for finishing things, I always have something I’m writing on at any given time.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Oh geese, I’ve never thought of that before. Hmm, well, I guess it’s more so a pre-writing/post-writing/procrastination thing I do. I’ve never been really good at outlining a project before I start writing it. Usually I know where it starts and where it’s going to end, and let myself follow the same journey the reader will take in getting from point A to B. That said, when I get stuck, I tend to make these really-super-crazy-intense book guides for each project or world…which is totally not crazy at all. Because spending my time looking up different political systems that may or may not exemplify what I haven’t mentioned in the current writing project but is probably relevant to me as the author sometime down the road is a definite, productive way to work…or not…

How do your books get published?

I have both traditionally published and self-published my books. Both have different pros and cons to them, but I prefer self-publishing from the perspective that everything rests in my hands and I’m a bit of a control freak, so I really enjoy getting to make all my decisions and be part of the process 100% in the self-publishing world.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Dreams. I’m a huge proponent of not only following your dreams, but writing them down. I love my imagination and the crazy stuff I come up with.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I was thirteen in eighth grade and I was in love with my characters. I haven’t looked at that piece in way more years than I’m comfortable admitting too.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Beading. Crafts. Listening to music. Playing board games with friends. Reading…reading is probably my number one go to when I’m not writing.

What does your family think of your writing?

Supportive, but they don’t get it. I’m the weird, black-and-white-and-read-all-over sheep of the family. I come from a family of scientists and intellectuals, and don’t get me wrong, I am too, but I fall completely into the artistic side of things, and they do not. It makes for fun discussions though on metaphorical topics.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

As a self-published author, it’s not just the writing the books that you have to worry about, but the editing, and formatting, and finding a cover, and marketing, and that stuff is HARD! I’m not an athlete, but I imagine that bringing a book to complete fruition is like finishing a marathon. It’s hard work, from putting on your tennis shoes to crossing that last mile marker. There’s the pre-work, the actual event, and then the soaking of your sore feet in a tub for a year afterwards that all goes into creating a book. But no matter how hard it is, that finish line…Worth It!

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

Well, written and published are two very different questions, and there is definitely no answer to my favorite (it’s The Prince, I lied…).

I’ve currently published three books in my first series and two short stories that go along with that. I have another anthology story coming out on March 28, 2017 in the Stoking the Flames anthology. And I know what other books I’m writing in this series, though they’re all still WIPs at this point. So four? Ish? Six? I don’t know.

Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?

Write from the heart. Remember, while our jobs as writers is to get our words out there, not everyone is going to like what we write. Someone who likes your work isn’t going to like mine and vice versa, so the most important thing to remember is that in the end, write first for yourself and whatever the world thinks is their problem, not yours.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

That in person I have a really sweet, bubbly, smiley personality, but my writing tends towards the darker, grittier side of life. Which is perfect, because even in fairy tales, a little darkness makes the light at the end all the brighter when we get to it!

Do you like to create books for adults?

I do. I prefer writing for a mature audience, but my notion of “adult” is greatly varied. I was reading “adult” novels when I was in fifth or sixth grade. The characters had more depth. They knew who they were and were often confident in those personas. They were, for me, what I wanted to be when I grew up, so reading “adult” books was a way to help me grow up too. My version of writing for adults is writing about characters who know who they are and grow as that person, not grow into that person as fiction for younger ages is typified by. So, yes, I like writing books for adults, though my adults probably start around thirteen or so…

What do you think makes a good story?

The relationships between the characters. That’s a simple answer, but if you look at a lot of “literary fiction,” the focus is on the building and sometimes destruction of relationships between the characters. There’s movement in the idea that maybe the protagonists are going from place one to place two, but it’s the emotional journey of how they get there that makes up the meat of a story, and that’s what I love most about a good story. Give me a new fantasy world with some orc-manticore-gorgon hybrid, heck yeah! I love being immersed in that creation, but it’s the relationships between that creature and another that makes the story all that more impactful for me.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Be a mermaid, but every time I wished on a star, I had way too many conditions about wanting to be able to transform easily between water and land and what color scales I wanted to have to whether or not I could fall in love and not turn into sea foam that I let that dream go to pursue more manageable goals.

Any books in the works?

Super exited because I’m hoping to get a really un-Beauty and the Beast-ish novel out this summer which has just taken me a lot longer than I anticipated but I can’t wait to get it done!

What are your plans for the future?

Well, my current series has a lot of stories left to tell. Like I said, I have this crazy, hundred page plus guide that charts everything from the characters in a particular lineage to the outcomes of a butterfly beating its wings on one side of the world to the other, so I’ve got a lot left to write there. But I have some other stories for somewhere down the line about angels and demons and Victorian zombies who serve leg for lunch, but those are way in the future to think about…

 Book Information:
The Never Lands Saga:
Series 1:  Charming
·         Book 1:  Charming

Once upon a time, or so the story goes, there was a prince who threw a ball to find a wife.
He was a young prince, by his peoples’ standards, and though he had no wish for a bride, he was honor bound to make the attempt to find one. Of course, Prince Kit knew that it was not just honor that bound him to the duty. Prophesied or cursed, who could say, but since he was a babe assassins and soldiers had come for him in the dead of night, in the middle of court, amidst the steps of a waltz, to end his life and with it end the lives of his people, the land he was meant to rule. A heavy burden for a young man to bear, worse for a prince kept cloistered for his own good.
But a wife, well, a wife would provide an heir, and perhaps prevent his peoples’ doom if he died too young, and so he danced with maiden after maiden, ball after ball, until he danced with her. 
She came from out of the Darkness, a vision in a black dress and glass slippers, to join the throng for the prince’s celebration. The first night she hid a small vial filled with arsenic in the folds of her gown but it was knocked from her hand before she could upend it into his glass of champagne. The second night she brought a stiletto hilted in her garter that she never thought to draw and returned to her rooms un-blooded. The third night Eli ran from him, found her horse and fled back to the forest she came from, desperate to escape his charming smile and the emotions she refused to acknowledge in his gaze that seethed in her heart too.
He gave chase, and what is an assassin meant to do when her prey hunts her down?
One waltz at a ball. One trip of a slipper. One Prince. And one Assassin.
Charming…simply, Charming.


     Book 2:  The Captain

There was a time, before Prince Christophe was born, when the worst fate his people had to worry about was war with their troll neighbors or an invasion from elfin forces beyond the woods. But that was before he was born and was cursed.
If he dies, so to do his people.
Such a simple phrase, so oblique, and yet Kit has lived his life in fear of the prophecy, searching every shadow for assassins come to get him.
Until she came and took up arms in his defense.
Warrior and witch. Assassin and priest. She was his teacher and his protector. His friend. The only woman ever to run from him at the end of a ball, and the only woman he ever asked to stay.
But Eli is an outsider in the human world, and trusted only so far, even by the man who desires more from her than her skill with a blade. The longer she remains with him, the more she falls for her prince in a world where her prince’s life is the fate of his lands.
As the time of the prophecy draws near, Eli and Kit will face more than dwarves and shadows to find solace with each other and salvation for their people.
Sometimes the one most suited to protect you is the one who holds the sharpest blade.
And there is no sharper sword than: The Captain.


     Book 3:  The Prince

Reports of a mercenary army have begun to spread throughout the land. Soldiers have been called to prepare for war and captains have been summoned to lead armies. Spies have been sent forth to gather information. Assassins have been requisitioned to hunt out those meant to die.
And deep within the woods, the prince and his men prepare for battle amidst the increasing number of traitors and worse stalking the trees.

How long can you hide before your enemies find you? How long can you lie before the truth sets you free? And who will find you when the smoke clears and you’re safe again?
How much can you endure before you can’t bear the burden of prophecy anymore?
Once upon a time…

Series 2:  Breath of Fyre
·         Book 1:  The Dragon’s Sacrifice (originally released as part of the Stoking the Flames anthology)

§  (Link will change after June 28, 2017)
When the world was still a new and wonderous place, there came from out a crack in the ground a creature born of fire and air to spy upon all that was green and good. 
 He wandered far from his land of molten pitch and burning embers until he came to a place filled with soft grasses and tall trees, lakes as clear as crystal, and a creature as different as she could be.
 He watched her, and he wanted her, and before long, he took her as his own. 
 But sometimes, it's not the sacrifice who is snared in his trap, but the dragon himself who falls under her spell.


      Book 2:  The Dragon’s Unrest (Coming Soon)

Stand Alone:
·         So Sweet:  A Tale as Old as Time (Coming Soon)

Short Stories:
The First Ball:

In the Never Lands, Birthday Celebrations tend to be a little more festive than in other worlds. No silly little parties with only family and friends, but rather grand balls with princes and princesses and assassins, oh my. What's a ball without some intrigue? Have a Happy Birthday with Prince Christophe as he celebrates in: 
The First Ball. 
Fairy Tales just got a little bit darker.

Out of the Woods:
·         There was an old woman who lived in a shoe;
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe;
She had so many children, she didn't know what to do.
She fed them all broth without any bread;
Then whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed.
~Mother Goose, The Dorling Kindersley Book of Nursery Rhymes (2000)

She took them from the woods, and she took them from dells, from hamlets and homesteads and across the wide world, she found young orphans, those abandoned and left on their own, and gave them a home. 
 And all she asked for was a little piece of their soul in payment...
 Whoever said nursery rhymes were harmless? 

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Andi Lawrencovna is a fantasy and science fiction writer from Ohio. Her most recent books, A Charming Series, the first in her Never Lands Saga, is a re-envisioning of Cinderella with a darker twist. Andi works closely with WriteNow Publishing though maintains her independent authorship. She currently has three novels and two short story to her name, and her next novel, So Sweet, will be out later this year. So Sweet is a tale as old as time, whose characters are as equally ancient and waiting to be released. Happily-Ever-Afters have never been bleaker, though Andi promises there’s always hope for rainbows and unicorns in The Never Lands.

Andi currently resides in Northeast Ohio with her dog and an imagination that has gotten her into more trouble than not. Her education includes a BA in English from Denison University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Pine Manor College. She works as a legal secretary during the day and removes her glasses at night…wrong genre. For more information on Ms. Lawrencovna and her work, please visit her website at:

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