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Another day at the Desk with Will Mayo

Tough Going
Will Mayo
The little boy has it tough, though he’ll never know it. He spends his days wandering the parks and gardens of his little town, filling his pockets with shiny pebbles as he walks, marveling at their smooth texture. And leaves, too, does he pick, so entranced is he by their intricate parts with green finery intact.
Now and then, just as a surprise, he will bring a large magnolia blossom from some distant tree back home to his family (“My favorite flower!” he exclaims), only to be chastised for picking the bloom from some elderly (and ornery) neighbor. His whole life at this point is filled with magic and spirits in sunlight, fairies upon the dappled creek where crayfish dwell, and he will spend the remainder of his days trying to recapture this moment.
Pity him that he has nothing to lose.

By The Book
Will Mayo
"I find intelligence so very sexy, don't you?" she asked.
"Oh, definitely," I said as I slid open her dress.
We did it by the book as always.

Something About Shirley
Will Mayo
Shirley Jackson, author of such stories of the uncanny as The Haunting Of Hill House and The Lottery, was said to be a practitioner of black magic. In fact, after her publisher had a spat with her he caught ill with some mysterious ailment that many blamed on Shirley. He dared not ask and Shirley, for her part, would not say one way or the other, but it was a while before he messed with her again. A long while.

Death Claims A Stranger
Will Mayo
His heart was filled with that holy fear.
His eyes were like so much glass.
He tossed to and fro
but could not get away
from the madness of his own mind.
And when at last the night claimed him

it was not because
of any roadside sign,
the desert heat or cold,
or even a passerby.
Fear alone in the heart of the dark
took the man with no name.

A New Day
Will Mayo
And so I sit here naked and alone in my room on the edge of a new dawn. My cat naps beside me. I hear the chatter of strangers next door.
Outside, a homeless man forages in the garbage cans. The cars whir along to their destinations. No doubt, the mayor is up by now and making the rounds of his city. Above us, stars race through their galaxies and all of us, together and apart, know that anything can happen. Anything at all. I pet my cat. She purrs. It is indeed a new day alive with wonder in the wintertime of one man's soul.

Long Tail Of The Lynx
Will Mayo

Almost without sound, he moves through tall grass and tangled shrub, past the mossy stone and the cobblestone walks onto the yards of the suburban oases. Mice and other small animals scatter before his path for he is a wild creature not reckoned for the gentle touch.
He hunts his prey and then dines alone, not being known to share his company among the brethren of the night. He is without peer in the kingdom of hunger, or so he thinks to himself, as even animals of the flesh are known to entertain a passing thought in the silences between death and departure.

Yet when he sees the huddled figure amongst the garbage cans he bristles not a single hair and bows his head in honor. For though his claws are long and his teeth are sharp he knows a kindred soul when he sees one. He purrs deep in his throat and rubs gently against the stranger as a man might shake hands with a friend after the journey complete. Together, they walk down alleyway and shadowed street, alone in the long neon night, two fellow wanderers of the dark, caught up momentarily in some passing dream. Soon they will part ways, each going his separate path, but for now they share a loneliness that only the wild things of this world can know. The footsteps echo through the city like so much noise and then fade away.


The Chicken Coop (Rita Marlow, San Francisco P.I. Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Mike Pettit (Author)

#Crime, #PrivateEye, #Woman, #Thriller, #Murder, #Suspense, #Danger, #RT, #bookstagram, #bookreview

When a horrifying series of murders leaves San Francisco’s Castro District shook to its eclectic core, Rita Marlow works fast to identify the killer and track him down before he strikes again . . . time is not on her side.

Rita Marlow and her friend Tony Cona in the San Francisco police department are racing to stop a series of brutal murders that has stunned the city: young men are being plucked off the streets of the Castro District, later to be found mutilated, each more horrific than the previous murder. Amid uncertainty and rising panic, Rita faces the growing fear that she is next on the murderer’s list. Just when she thinks she has identified the murderer, the case takes a terrifying turn, putting everyone on the Castro in lethal danger. Rita must make a choice she never dreamed she'd face – to kill or be killed.

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Author Mike Pettit is in the SPOTLIGHT!

About Author Mike Pettit
Mike Pettit has been writing professionally for ten years. He is an award-winning best-selling indie novelist. He is the author of thirty novels that includes two indie author self-help books, several Action Thriller series, three classic westerns, and numerous short stories. His Jack Marsh Key West Series has been optioned as a television series, sold to overseas publishers, produced as audiobooks, and are available in print through Amazon's CreateSpace Publishing.
Several of Pettit's books have been #1 bestsellers on Kindle and were previously sold in bookstores across the nation before he established himself as an independent author and publisher. He attends writing and author conferences around the country throughout the year, and is available as a guest or featured speaker at major industry events.
After an adventurous thirty-year career in the China Trade, he settled in the Florida Keys and traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean Sea diving, treasure hunting, adventuring, and writing about his exploits. He presently resides along Florida's Emerald Coast where he occasionally slips away to a small cattle ranch in Central Texas for R&R, but still escapes to the Caribbean for adventures as often as possible.

Mike's "Key West Series" is a Best Seller on Amazon

You can visit the pages of Mike Pettit here:

His Twitter Page: @mikedpettit

Other Books by Mike


Recollection, Memories, and Other Travesties of My Childhood
This is the haunting story of my life growing up poor in Houston in the 1950’s. It is an unforgettable account of extraordinary love, rejection, joy, sorrow, and loss. At times, the story is laugh out loud funny, at others it is heart wrenching in its intensity It is an amazing recounting of unbearable loneliness and solitude of living in abject poverty, of being alive, but not living. It is about the shame and embarrassment of being seen as poor and how I overcame the humiliation of poverty and how I dealt with it.

I’m telling this story, not because it needs to be told or that I’m looking for anything out of it. I just want to tell it so someday someone will read it and smile knowing that there is more that binds us together than we like to admit. You’re born and you die, what happens in between is up to us and in the end usually makes for a good story. This is my story of growing up poor in 1950’s Houston. Everything in it is true as I recollect it. Being a storyteller, I embellished a little for entertainment purposes, but I tried to stay true to my experiences as much as possible. I have used place names and individual names where appropriate, other names I changed so as not to embarrass anyone. 
This is all true to the extent that I can tell the truth. It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Aloha Burn: A Kimo Kanoa, P.I. Honolulu Suspense Thriller (A Kimo Kanoa Private Investigator Thriller Series Book 1) 
Aloha Burn isn’t about lazy days on sugary-sand beaches or idyllic tropical nights with old Hawaiian songs on the trade winds. Aloha Burn is about the people behind the scenes that are never seen by tourists and visitors. It is about Kimo Kanoa, a disgraced Honolulu cop that is relieved of duty and his hunt to find out who it was behind his firing, and why. He is immediately swept up in a power grab that could change the balance of power in the Pacific forever. Kimo is caught in the middle, he’s on everyone’s hit list and doesn’t know why. The word on the street is ‘Get Kanoa.’ Kimo does the only thing he knows how to do, he shoots back. The action rolls across Oahu pulling in the islands rich and powerful, hired killers, thugs, streetwalkers, Navy Intelligence hit teams, the F.B.I. …. And they all have one target….Kimo Kanoa.

HONORABLE REVENGE (John Locke series Book 1) 
Mike Pettit's writing has been compared to Robert Ludlum and Frederick Forsyth with a dash of Harold Robbins and a pinch of Ian Fleming.
HONORABLE REVENGE... This is a story of crime and the men that commit crime. The degree of criminality of a crime is determined by the person who commits it. There is murder, an offense so abhorrent to men that it requires the ultimate penalty, a life for a life. There are crimes of passion, of greed, insanity, recklessness, planned, and crimes of opportunity. Crime has no boundaries or rules, no age restrictions or ethnicity, no language barriers nor morality. It is said that there are no new crimes, just new ways to commit them. This is true in today’s world of technology. Millions of dollars can disappear from one place and a nano-second later reappear on the other side of the world. A man’s life can be changed forever with one stroke of a key, his identification stolen or changed. A human organ can be bought, sold, and shipped to anywhere in the world, the same for a human being. No, there are no new crimes, just different ways to commit them. In this story I have committed every type of crime by every type of criminal that I could plot. The subplots weave in and out of the main story like an artisan’s loom creating a priceless garment. Honorable Revenge pits good against evil, light fighting dark, dark winning at times. For isn’t that the reality of life? We each have an element of criminal in us. Some can control the dark urges, others cannot. Who determines where honor lies? Is it the criminal code of honor, or the code of the evangelist? Who decides what is a crime and what punishment is to be meted out? In a world where the powerful make the rules, they also set the punishment. What chance does an honest man have, unless he himself becomes evil?
When John Locke sees danger screaming down on him like a banshee from hell: He not only grabs on and comes out shooting; he’s caught on an adrenaline ride that doesn’t stop until he is the last man standing. Locke’s world is filled with cruel and ruthless men that will kill and steal just for the rush it brings them: Dark places that normal people never go unless they are dragged in screaming, and never come out. Drug Cartel’s, that mutilate, then fast-freeze their competitors; secret Chinese Triads that think crime and business are one in the same, and murder is used to close a deal. Street Mutts caught unaware of the treachery going down around them, only to be cut down in the running gun battle that surrounds them. 

John Locke spends his days in L.A., working the courthouse hallways and holding-cells, trying to catch a few clients that need to lawyer-up. His ten years inside a bottle left him with a marriage he vaguely remembers, a promising legal career in the sewer, and the fear that life is passing him by. He’s barely back among the human race, living in a three-room apartment over a Chinese Take-out, chasing bottom-feeder cases to keep him in the legal game, and brings in a few extra bucks doing part-time work as a sleuth and muscle for a bail bond friend. He makes his rent, pays his bills and keeps looking for a way out.
When John’s way out comes, it’s from a darkened window overlooking the alley that runs behind his apartment. Locke witnesses a murder that sucks him into black evil places where a man’s soul is sold for a kilo of cocaine. He’s caught in a diabolical criminal plot by the Chinese Triads to corner the world’s diamond market and trips up a double cross that brings down a billion dollar Mexican drug cartel. To survive, he makes a harrowing escape in the night piling up dead men, splashing blood trails through the streets of China Town and back alleys of L.A.’s underbelly. When the cordite stink from the gunfire clears, John walks away with a lot more than a brand on his back and a bullet in his side: He’s found that honor and revenge are the same; enemies in life, brothers in death.

THE BODY BROKER (John Locke series Book 2)
The devastating news that a human organ is needed urgently can be a terrifying experience. What does one do? Where does one go? Do you add your name to a national wait-list, and hope you don’t die in the year or so of waiting? Whom do you call for help? Where do you go when every minute counts? 
Don’t worry, help may be closer than you think.. Under the shadows of darkness, and hidden from sight, is the Body Broker, from whom anything can be purchased, if the money is right: A heart here, a kidney there, a young woman, a child, twins perhaps? All are available for the asking. Business is good, demand is high, and it’s a seller’s market. The risk is only to those unsuspecting donors, or those stolen and sold for their body parts.
The Broker deals his wares across the globe: Hawking organs like a faceless crone in ancient bazaars, hunting his victims in the night like a primal carrion eater, closing deals as professionally as any junk bond king, reveling in the wealth from others …donations.
When John Locke agrees to find his ex-wife’s missing stepson, he plunges into a world of danger and murder that his legal training never prepared him for. His only way to survive such evil is to come out shooting. He quickly discovers himself immersed in the unbelievable world of black market organ trading and human trafficking. When the hunt throws him on the trail of the man known on the street as The Organ Player, it leads him on a bloody chase through L.A.’s underbelly, to huge wealth stashed in the Cayman Islands, to Macau’s brothels and organ markets, then back to L.A. for a showdown never imagined. The Body Broker’s world includes harvesting clinics, hidden offshore bank accounts, political pay-offs, power players, Hollywood’s elite, unwitting organ recipients. His victims are the homeless, runaways, prisoners, veterans, the unwary, the poor, the unsuspecting. John’s hit and run tactics expose an international network of murder and death that sets off seismic shock waves through the halls of power, and leaves sane men questioning the selfishness of our fellow man, and the lengths he will go for just a little more time to live.
The Body Broker leaves you breathless.

LITTLE TOKYO (John Locke series Book 3) 

John Locke takes an assignment for a friend whose daughter was brutally killed in a snuff film and accidently stumbles onto the Japanese Yakuza’s plan to seize the International Porn Industry’s hundred billion dollar annual business. As Locke fights his way through the film sets and studios looking for the master mind behind the snuff films he is also hunted by the Yakuza who want him dead. Locke is one jump away from uncovering the Yakuza’s ambitious plans to launder drug money disguised as porn film profits.
Locke is outnumbered and outmaneuvered at every turn, someone within the LAPD, ATF or the FBI is giving his movements away to the Yakuza hit squads. Among his enemies is a ruthless studio executive who finds herself the target of both Locke and the Yakuza as she tries to hide a double cross.
The action builds at a relentless pace: ritual seppuku killings, missing Hollywood starlets, deception, murder, torture, and mortal combat…John Locke at his best.

THE NINE MONKEYS (John Locke series Book 4)
New York Times, April 25, 1975 “SAIGON FALLS”
As the North Vietnamese barreled down Highway 1 towards Saigon in the spring of 1975 the American’s were on a fast track to get out and leave no one behind. Secret operations were shut down, alliances shattered, people and materials disappeared without a trace. A top secret CIA program that ran the most successful operation in its clandestine history was targeted to disappear.

Stars and Stripes, May 1, 1975“AMERICANS MISSING PRESUMED DEAD.”

On the night that the NVA entered into its final assault on Saigon, members of the top secret project pulled a double cross on their CIA masters, and vanished into thin air, disappearing with millions in gold and drugs. The team resurfaced in Thailand after the war and continued to run the operation into the Golden Triangle of Laos, Burma, and Thailand for the next forty-five years with their old CIA masters secretly taking their share of the profits.

John Locke is hired to find the murderer of a man that records show never existed. The deeper Locke digs, the more he is pulled into a mystery that goes back almost fifty years that involves a secret held so close by the CIA that less than ten men in the country know of it.
The murdered man made plans to ‘Out” the secret operation and turned up dead, only to pop up very much alive in a horrific shoot out in Pattaya Thailand.

Lives are at stake, a fortune in gold disappears, treachery at every turn. No one is safe; Unless John Locke can find the man behind the Nine Monkeys.
The Action rolls from Saigon to Thailand, Hawaii, to L.A. and San Fransisco then back to Ho Chi Minh City, with a culmination in Pattaya Thailand that shatters the criminal ring once and for all. 

DIRTY MONEY (John Locke series) 
The world’s carrion eaters are conspiring to bring America down to her knees through economic terror and internal collapse. The country is bankrupt, debt is in the trillions of dollars, a tsunami of spending on unsustainable programs, and political greed is feasting like a cancer upon the country. The enemies of democracy are using every opportunity to hurry things along. Several countries are busy printing and flooding the world with undetectable counterfeit U.S. currency by the billions of dollars.
If the U.S. collapses, China will go down with her, and a domino plunge by every other industrialized nation will follow close behind.

John Locke accidentally stumbles into the middle of the distribution system of the bogus money while in Hong Kong, and finds himself on a chase that brings him gun-sight to gun-sight with the Chinese Triads, the Russian Mafia, Castro’s Soldante De Cuba Brigade, dirty politicians, and federal agencies dragging ten steps behind Locke. Good money, bad money, it’s all the same, no one can tell the difference. The action is smoking hot, guns blazing, fists punching, injured and dead piling up on all sides.
The running gun battle rolls from Hong Kong to Cam Ranh Bay, across the Pacific to L.A., New York, D.C. Miami, and Bimini. When the last bullet is fired, and the cordite and smoke clear, John Locke has leveled the playing field with dead men, failed plans, and a treasure trove of dirty money.

JUNGLE RULES (John Locke series) 
An unexpected discovery of an oil-gas aerosol field is found in the Caribbean Sea, China and the U.S., both starving for a sustainable source of energy, form an alliance that will bring control of the discovery under their sphere of influence. The Caribbean Island Nations are included in the forming of a Cartel, which soon jeopardizes the world’s oil based economy. The balance of world power is swiftly shifting, Central American countries are aligning with the highest bidder, Chinese troops are on the move, greedy oil companies are jockeying for drilling rights, sides are being drawn.
Island criminal gangs are fighting among themselves for the riches the Field will bring to their countries, using every weapon at their disposal: Voodoo spells, an Ebola pandemic, murder, kidnappings, reaching out to Key West, Miami, then rolling down to Kingston where the Cartel Summit is about to explode into an International power struggle.
John Locke, sobering up in Key West, is pulled into the maelstrom by agreeing to help a friend out of the jam he’s caught in by being the one that discovered the Field. Both men are way over their head, as the political maneuvering and scheming starts, soon Locke is on an assassin’s hit list along with the Vice President of the United States.
An armada of warships are in a stand-off, waiting for the other side to blink, Cartel Leaders are meeting in Kingston, among threats of violence and assassination, John Locke is searching for the killer, determined that only one of them will walk away alive.
An explosive climax that will leave you begging for more.

North of Mulholland (Mulholland Studio Thriller Book 1) 
NORTH OF MULHOLLAND, A roller coaster of a read that rivals Sidney Sheldon and Harold Robbins in its emotional intensity. A focused work of love, greed, power, lust, and money in today’s entertainment industry. Tightly written, the characters come alive, each a story within a story. Pettit paints a masterpiece filled with glitz and glamour, of ruthlessness and cruelty, of love and passion. The suspense builds to a nerve shattering unexpected ending that will leave you breathless.

Dan West plays every trick he knows to keep Mulholland Studios going long enough to finish a picture that could bring him back from the brink of bankruptcy. As he fights for survival, he is being double-crossed and betrayed from within his own ranks. His financial consultant, his longtime friend, is siphoning money off the top of every penny that comes in to feed his gambling, partying, and blow habit. Dan’s wife is killed in a tragic auto accident in Cabo San Lucas with another man only to find out that it wasn’t an accident at all but a devious plot to take the Studio away from him. The sharks come out of the water when the word spreads that Dan West is going down for the count. The Vegas mob want control of the Studio to launder money through, Chicago entrepreneurs want the film properties for investments, peers want him destroyed out of jealousy and greed. To come out alive he has to fight back using the same tactics as his opponents. Emotionally sapped, he comes back with a vengeance. 
Sure to be a major International hit.

MURDER ON THE ROW, a Sam Nash Suspense Mystery, f
Baldacci, Connelly, Patterson move over. There’s a new gun in town and he’s reinventing Hard Boiled Gritty Mysteries
MURDER ON THE ROW has all the criminal elements that make Hard Boiled hard ...Love, Sex, Murder, Movies Stars, Psychopaths and Sociopaths, Sexual Perverts, Corrupt and Opportunistic Public Officials. 
MURDER ON THE ROW drops down quickly into L.A.’s underbelly where young men are being stalked and murdered by a tortured predator. The Row never sleeps, the noise never stops, the smell hangs over the Row like a rotting human landfill. The food chain is well defined with predators cruising the streets and alleys in search of prey. The prey hangs together like bait, always alert, quick to scream, the slow quickly devoured. No one on the Row is innocent, they are there for reasons of their own making. Once there, most never leave.

Just a few miles away, the mega rich movie stars are living in a wonderland of Hollywood dreams by day and secret lives of decadence and destruction by night. Once the sun drops down over the Pacific, the rich come out to play. Drugs, debauchery, excess, there are no boundaries, no one ever tells them no. … who would dare?
(originally published as The Skid Row Murders ©2010 Mike Pettit)

Panama Takedown. (A Damian Wolf, Assassin Series Book 1) 
NOIR CRIME DRAMA. DAMION WOLF, ASSASSIN. There are men among us that lead lives of quiet desperation sitting on the sidelines watching their lives speed by. There are others that are adventurers, fearless and seek danger, powerful athletes, intellectuals, soldiers, and statesmen. Then there are the men that live moment to moment, in the shadows, moving silently, striking, and melting back into the night. Men that are incapable of feeling remorse, guilt, or contrition. These are the men best qualified to solicit when a needed service is required and a final notice given. They answer only to those that pay the asking price, and to men in power that need their services for political gain or enrichment.
Damian Wolf is one of those men, not by choice, but by deception. He is framed for the brutal murder of his new bride, sentenced to death. After six months on death row, he is offered freedom in return for performing dark work for an obscure government agency. If he agrees, then he will not only gain his freedom, but will be told who the real killer is…. eventually.
Panama Takedown is the first in the Damian Wolf , Assassin, Short Novel Series. Wolf is in Panama waiting for the details of his next assignment. When his handler contacts him, he is immediately distrustful and suspicious of the plan. He sees it as a suicide mission with no way out. Within hours, bodies start to pile up, a double-cross and betrayal are tripped up, and a final showdown that leaves the target alive and Wolf on the run.

Shoot First: Damian Wolf, Assassin (Damian Wolf, Assassin Seies Book 2) 

“Mike Pettit’s new series, ‘Damian Wolf, Assassin’ is a welcome member to the shadow world of the hit and run genre.” Bob Sanford, Screen Writer.

“FIVE STARS for Panama Takedown. One of the best reads of the year.” Candace Reed, Reed’s Reads, and Reviews.

“I have to give Mike Pettit’s new Damian Wolf Thriller ‘Shoot First’ thumbs up for all around great read. The suspense and action are nonstop.’ Bill Price, Editor at Large

Killing time in Puerto Vallarta, Wolf is taking a much-needed rest to heal and recuperate from his last assignment. Two months had passed since he had made his way out of Panama one jump ahead of the Panamanian police after a botched assassination and coup d'├ętat attempt on the country’s President. 
Just when he is succeeding in pulling his life back together, he is pulled into a power play between a maniacal Mexican drug lord and a crooked U.S. Senator. Wolf links up with a fellow assassin assigned to kill the senator and is sucked into a running gun battle through the idyllic resort town. The action is fast and rounds are hitting their targets as the two agents fight side-by-side in an explosive ending that will leave you breathless.

DAMION WOLF, ASSASSIN. There are men among us that lead lives of quiet desperation sitting on the sidelines watching their lives speed by. There are others that are adventurers, fearless and seek danger, powerful athletes, intellectuals, soldiers, and diplomats. Then there are the men that live moment to moment, in the shadows, moving silently, striking, and melting back into the night. Men that are incapable of feeling remorse, guilt, or contrition. These are the men best qualified to solicit, when a needed service is required, and a final notice given. They answer only to those that pay the asking price, and to men in power that need their services for political gain or enrichment.
Damian Wolf is one of those men, not by choice, but by deception. He is framed for the brutal murder of his new bride, sentenced to death. After six months on death row, he is offered freedom in return for performing dark work for an obscure government agency. If he agrees, then he will not only gain his freedom, but will be told who the real killer is…. eventually.

Yankee Guns: A Travis Ford Classic Western Featuring Kid Cotton (3 Book 1)

Yankee Gold: Travis Ford Action Western

Yankee Horses: A Travis Ford Western Featuring Kid Cotton

Indie Author Boot Camp - Marketing 101: How to Market Yourself and Your Book For Increased Sales

Indie Author Boot Camp - Marketing 101
The Number One Method in how to become a a Best Seller Author.
A must How-To book for Indie Authors. This book will teach you everything you will need to know about marketing yourself and your book. Most fiction Indie Authors concentrate on writing their book, often spending months in the process. However, once they are finished writing they don't have a clue on how to market and sell their work. Indie Author Boot Camp will show you in very simple to understand steps how to market and sell your book, what you must understand about the business of selling your book, and how to keep sales coming in.
This is an excellent source in learning how to become a Best Selling author. This Marketing Strategy and planning is based on thirty years of brand management, marketing, and sales skills learned the hard way. 

The Nails of Golgotha (The Archangel Chronicles Book 1)
The Archangel Chronicles
Mysteries within mysteries, unknowns hidden by time and distance, of rumors, and lies, ancient lore, forgotten names and places: all as current as today. Tales of murders and kidnappings, duplicity, betrayals, and deaths that have never been explained. Are the Chronicles true or just old stories told around ancient fires and smoky caves, later to be only partially written about?

The Nails of Golgotha brings to life the mysteries surrounding that fateful afternoon on the hill known as the place of skulls. Did events on the mount just stop that day; did the Romans on crucifixion duty just go back to their barracks? Did the thunderous winds and storm just quiet and blow away? 
The truth is that man was suddenly face to face with something unimaginable, something that would change their lives forever. The power struggle between good and evil erupted before their eyes sending ripples of things to come out across millennia.

Thank you for taking the time to view Mike's Books. We hope you will stop by his pages like, share and care.