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Tales of a Mislaid Desk by Author Will Mayo

Holy Fools Of Different Times
Will Mayo
And then there were the latter days of Czarist Russia when Fools For Christ, some naked, some dressed in rags, speaking in tongues and warning of the catastrophes yet to come wandered the countryside. Some believed them. Some believed them not. Yet they lived a far better life than those wandering fools in these so called modern times over 100 years later when such prophets are locked away in asylums or left to rot away in prisons away from it all. And though the Czars feared those fools they dared not touch them. For who really is to say what is holy and what is not?

Fine Foods Done Natural
Will Mayo
And so I stood in line at the vegetarian delicatessen.
"How do you want your humans?" I could've sworn I heard the woman at the counter say.
"Alive, I guess," I said, taken by surprise.

"What?" she said?"
"Alive!" I nearly shouted.
Finally, we cleared it up. She meant humus. She handed a slab over nice and easy like. Hopefully not alive. Life goes on.

Memories Of Ellison
Will Mayo
And then once again I am put in mind of the science fiction writer Harlan Ellison who died just this year. Such a feisty fellow! He fought with his editors, he fought with the producers of his scripts and he fought with fellow writers and all manner of people who might seek to use his material. In the end, all that remained were a couple of Star Trek scripts, a handful of short stories and a few books he edited of other people's writings. For all this and the fights he put up is for what he is remembered today. But, oh, there could've been so much more. There really could have...

Got Rhythm?
Will Mayo
And the people ask me how I can possibly consider myself a writer when my speech is so messed up that I can't pronounce the words right and my spelling is often beyond repair.
"Don't you know?" I respond. "The rhythm's the key. Once you got rhythm you've got it all."
They look at me in confusion and then slowly and then faster they all begin to dance...

Skyward Bound
Will Mayo
Then we were at Cape Canaveral, Florida seeing the rockets that would one day take men to the moon and back. Looking up at them, they seemed to touch the sky.
I was five years old then and little and knew little of such things but there was no doubt in my mind that one day people would take to the stars.
After that, it was back to the beach to splash among the waves some more. Fun to be a tot.

Dreams Of Mongolia
Will Mayo
And then last night I dreamed that I was sitting at the dining room table at the old house up the hill from here and all the family was there, alive and well, gathered round to offer me my every pleasure. My father, it seems, was prepared to offer me a journey to anywhere in the world if only I would cease my grumbling and get on with life.
"It must be Mongolia then," I said. "I have a friend there, the dearest friend in all the world, she lives in the coldest desert known to man and she says she knows where the bones of Genghis Khan are buried nearby, a man who conquered all the known world a thousand years ago. Oh, there are some folks in the Himalayas I've simply got to see on the way. They are the greatest."
"Are you sure that you don't want to head south to Mexico?" my father asked. "I know some people there. They are also nice folks."
"No," I said. "It's got to be Mongolia or bust."

So for a week we bundled up, got all our shots and passports and prepared ourselves for a journey halfway around the world. My mother did the packing and then my father and I headed out to the airport, ready to begin our journey to those faraway lands.
But, lo, once we stepped from the outdoors with the bluest sky above us into that airport, the most blinding white light overcame me. It blinded my eyes with their intensity and I closed those eyes and covered them with both arms until finally I fell away back into the deepest, blackest sleep.
When I woke from that sleep I was back in the apartment where I have lived now for some years now. All the family was gone away as well as the old family home and I was left with only my room full of books, one black cat and the couch on which I had slept and had those distant dreams. My next trip out would only be to a doctor here in town and would not take place for another week. My Mongolian vistas would remain unrealized. Silently, I rose from my place of rest and began another day.

Borne Out Of The Past


Will Mayo

And then there was the Englishman that, shipwrecked on a faraway island centuries before, spent so much time among the natives there that he forgot the language and customs with which he was raised. Some things can't be taken back no matter the pain.

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Author Marsha Casper Cook in the Spotlight

About Marsha Casper Cook
From romance and inspirational to adventure and fiction, Marsha has more than 20 years of experience in the writing industry. Overall, there are 12 books, five of which are children's and 11 feature-length screenplays published and written under her name. Several of her screenplays have been optioned by Production Companies.
She has a lot of fun with her writing and with her latest romantic comedy, 
It's Never Too Late
For Love, she has decided to use this book as the start for a new series featuring Gracie, as dog that is not only an angel, but she talks. 

She is also the founder of Michigan Avenue Media and a partner of the World of Ink Network where she does her podcast, A Good Story Is A Good Story. Marsha is not only the host she currently produces all the Podcasts. Her shows are about writing and what's new in the entertainment field.

She also tackles many subjects that are currently in the news. The World Of Ink/ Michigan Avenue Media has produced hundreds of shows over the last eight years and will continue to help writers reach their goals as she did when 
Marsha founded the literary agency Marcus Bryan & Associates in 1996. 

She achieved signatory status from the Writers Guild of America (WGA) within two years. In that capacity, she has represented more than 100 screenwriters and authors, and has also optioned books to movie production companies.






Every Man Wants Her: A Virginia Templeton Stories (The Virginia Templeton Series Book 1) by Marsha Casper Cook (Author) 
Appearances can be deceiving and all too often the persona or your perception of someone is based on their outer image. What they want, you to see or think is often camouflages or masks what is real. Virginia Templeton was and is a powerfully strong, deceptive, manipulative, cold-hearted and highly motivated woman in her own right. When faced with making difficult decisions she's handled them head on. Releasing her tension at times was commonplace for her as she often had several partners serving her every need. Men were dispensable, and she didn't blink an eye when she moved on to the next.
Short sexy story -

Other Virginia Stories: It's Never Enough - (2) Stepping Up Her Game (3) 

LOVE CHANGES by Marsha Casper Cook

Second chances are possible but only if the lies and compromises are gone.

Martin had lost his first wife and daughter in a horrible car accident and it took him years to fight the sadness he woke up with every day. When he met Elaine everything changed. He married her and their new life made Martin forget all the pain. Once again life was good.

After feeling such happiness the second time around Martin never expected tragedy to once again be knocking at his door, but it had. If Martin had known the truth about Elaine’s past he would have been able to help her but her fear of the truth became her reality and the fact that they loved each other didn’t seem to be enough. Elaine came up with a solution she thought would be for the best. Martin went along with her plan but it put him in a compromised position and very unhappy, but he loved his wife so much he agreed to live her lie.

The stakes were very high but Martin thought in time he could change her mind but as the years passed the only thing that changed was Elaine. She became withdrawn and uneasy and finally when things got out of hand and Martin couldn’t control anything that happened it was a downward spiral and everything they had worked to achieve began to crumble.

Could Martin save his wife from herself? Would Elaine let that happen?

For love, Martin would do anything and Elaine loved him for that, but would that be enough?

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Guilty Pleasures: Sometimes it feels good to be bad...
by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author)

Full of hot scenes and interesting characters, this is a super romance sprinkled with a bit of comedy that will hold your interest to the end. Lilly Peters is an intern who has paid her way through school herself. When her grandmother becomes ill, Lilly has to find the extra money needed for her care. She hears through the hospital grapevine that working as a high class call girl can bring in lots of money, so she jumps at the chance. Her call girl career started as a means to an end, but she finds she enjoys having sex for money along with all the extras her men give her. 

Everything is fine until some of the other escorts are roughed and no one seems to know why. Even though she’s in danger, Lilly is hesitant to give up all the perks that come with her new, more affluent lifestyle. Things get worse and she’s faced with the choice of keeping her dream of becoming a doctor or continuing to have sex for money. You’ll be surprised by her decision. She certainly was!

“Grand Central Station” by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author)

Grand Central Station: Some Relationships Are Just Meant to Be

A famous child psychologist, who has authored several bestselling books on raising children, discovers he doesn’t know as much as he thought he did when he meets a pediatrician and mother of three. Neither of them imagined how their lives would change when they shared a flight headed for Las Vegas for a medical convention.

For Jack Winston and Victoria Feingold, whatever happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It follows them back to Chicago.

Jack doesn’t want to fail, but he’s not sure he’s emotionally prepared to live with Victoria’s three children. Not to mention her mother, sister, dog, and needy ex-husband.

Grand Central Station is a fast-paced ride and a lot of fun!

What Readers Are Saying 
If you are tired of the same old romances, then read this book, I think it is worth your while.
You won’t find perfection of character here, no, you get real people,……. and a talking dog?
JA Armstrong

It's one of those romantic comedy's you just enjoy reading on a Sunday afternoon.
VS Grenier

The characters are far from perfect but they are presented really well here and the situations are believable, and most of them are really funny, the humor here is presented in a very good way, I laugh out loud really hard with this book. 
Julius Z

Grand Central Station: Some Relationships are Just Meant to Be by Marsha Casper Cook is a hoot!! Lighthearted and fun to read, perfect for a Sunday afternoon or vacation read.
Marsha Allen

The idea of a communal living arrangement was especially heartening. The author successfully created a heartwarming story filled with comedy and romance. This would make a great movie!!
Amazon Customer
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It's Never Enough: A Virginia Templeton Story (Virginia Templeton Stories Book 2)
by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author)
Virginia Templeton was one of a kind. Can she put her husband’s business back on track? Yes, she can - no is not in her vocabulary.

Virginia Templeton was forced to make some very tough decisions when she discovers her husband was not the man she thought he was. She didn’t panic, she took action. She surprised everyone with her amazing credentials and her ability to get the job done. She had to take over her husbands business and get things back on track. There was only one thing to do- she hired her own employees and got rid of a few bad seeds. 

Could she do this? Even if she felt fear no one was ever going to know. Her greatest asset was her ability to hide weakness and move on with strength. Everyone needs a little of what Virginia has! 
#Romance, #Contemporary, #Business, #Strength, #Fiction, #BookBoost, #bookstagram, #bookshelf, #Mustread, #Ts4u

Stepping Up Her Game: A Virginia Templeton Story (The Virginia Templeton Series Book 3) 
by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author)
In the third story of the Virginia Templeton series, Virginia steps up her game. Failure was never in Virginia’s vocabulary but that didn't mean it was always an easy road. She was more than mad when she found out what her husband had done to his own company. When she hired a gorgeous private investigator, who happened to also be terrific in bed, they connected the dots to a very messy situation.
Her husband had a daughter he didn’t know about and plenty of other secrets that complicated everything while at the same time and old love of Virginia’s came back into her life. So now she had a few men and a lot of problems but that didn’t stop her from sleeping with them. The more the merrier!

Can Virginia gain back what was lost? 
Coming soon - another Virginia Templeton Story.

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Virginia Templeton Stories by Marsha Casper Cook (Author)

Virginia Templeton is a stand-alone character. Someone you will never forget. Once you start reading you can't stop. Her passion is contagious.
Love happens at the most unexpected time, with the most unexpected person and it happens fast!
This book contains three Virginia Templeton stories.
Every Man Wants Her (1)
It's Never Enough (2)
Stepping Up Her Game (3)

Virginia Templeton is a powerfully strong, manipulative, and highly motivated woman in her own right. She sets out for what she wants without fear. Even when the chips were not in her favor she rolled the dice and won!
When faced with making difficult decisions she's goes for it and undoubtedly succeeds. You might not like her at first but when you get to know her you won't forget her. She has been known to use her sexuality to get her way but it's her strength of character and undeniable intelligence that in the end prevails. Watch her work her magic and you will understand just who Virginia Templeton is.
This is not you're every day story. Both men and women have like this series of stories.
These three stories are not the end of Virginia's stories. There's more to come!
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To Life; A Young Holocaust Survivors Journey to Freedom by Marsha Casper Cook:

This compelling Holocaust Memoir is about Sala Lewis and her love of family. 

Sala Lewis, who at age ten was left alone to wander the streets of Poland after her family was taken away by the Nazis. She had been out with her friends and came home to find her family gone and the apartment where she lived closed off and she was not allowed in. Everything she possessed was no longer hers. She had no family, no clothes, no food, and at that moment in time, no future. It was because she was strong willed and confident that she made her way to find her sister who had been taken to a concentration camp.

Because Dora was older and experienced as to what you needed to do in the camps to stay alive she helped her sister adjust to the vigorous role of working in the camps and following orders. Dora had raised herself to a level where she oversaw three hundred young women and if they all followed orders everyone was safe but if one of the women tried to escape Sala would be killed.

Once the sisters were together, nothing could stop them which is why they both lived to tell their story.

Their love and commitment to each other continued to be beyond reproach throughout their time together. They believed in the American dream and the land of opportunity. The proudest day of their lives was when they became United States citizens. 

A Special Thank you ...
While writing Sala’s story, I learned a truly significant lesson that her story can only hope to teach. Whatever tragedy one may face we must go on. Whatever it takes, whatever we must do, we should remind ourselves of the people who have gone before us and lived through sadness, sorrow, tragedy and despair. They survived and so will we!

It's Never Too Late for Love: Everyone Deserves a Fairy Tale Ending by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author)

Laugh out loud Romantic Comedy. Romance Finalist Author Academy Awards 2018

When confirmed bachelor Noah Meyers manages to dodge his meddling mother’s repeated attempts to fix him up decides to get a dog he has no idea that his adorable dog will be the one to help him find the right one with a little help from above. 
It’s Never Too Late For Love is a timeless and delightful love story filled with a lot of laughter and just a hint of magic.

If you like to laugh this book is for you. Enjoy!

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🍪 Chippy isn’t happy with who he is and wants to be a brownie. With help from his teacher, Mrs. Chipster, Chippy realizes he can be happy with who he is, if he believes in himself. Children will not only relate to what has happened to Chippy they will be pleased as they see sad Chippy become happy being himself. This is a heartwarming storybook for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story.

#BeginnerReaders, #Children, #Readers, #Cleanandwholesome, #Literacy, #bookstagram, #Authorlife, #Kids, #Paperback, #Mustread, #BookBoost, #Ts4U

🐉 The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion 🐉
by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author), Mikey Brooks (Illustrator)

Available in Audio, Kindle, Paperback and Hardback
The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion is a fun quick read. Thirteen little girls make a potion that gives them confidence and self esteem. 

This story shows how when a team works together great things can happen. This a fun imaginative read that makes you want to cheer the girls on. Who couldn't use a little magic in their life while at the same time learning to help each other?

Also available in an Audio Book at Audibles.

This is a book for boys and girls. The illustrations are fun and colorful by Award winning illustrator Mikey Brooks.

🚍The Busy Bus: A Collection of Short Children's Poems 🚍

by Marsha Casper Cook (Author)
Kids laugh at the strangest things. This funny short-rhyming book is jam-packed with rhymes that will not only entertain children but also the adults reading the poems to them. Here’s one that’s the kids love. 

Whose Smelly Socks are those? 

Whose smelly socks are those? 
The ones over there 
The ones with the holes 

Whose smelly socks are those? 
The ones I squirted 
With the garden hose 

Whose smelly socks are those? 
I don’t know but I suppose 
They belong to the one

“Snack Attack” 
by Marsha Casper Cook  (Author)

Addison thinks he s got the best mommy in the whole world when she lets him have whatever he wants to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner even when it s chocolate candy, cookies and ice cream. 

Addison quickly learns how easy it can be to have too much of a good thing and that mommies & daddies really do know best!