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Author Spotlight!

Author R.M. Simone 

My life is all around this creativity of writing, teaching, healing, and opening up realms of light for those that are drawn to 'me' and my services along with this creative life I live. My 'writing' came to me naturally. It just happens to 'FLOW" for me and the dreamy worlds I seem to 'see into'. 

I discovered in 2008, that a series of four books wrote themselves about a woman that her pathway of spirit opened up for her. Leaving a normal and very happy life for this adventure that drew her into other realms. I finished the books, sat back, and realized it was very much about myself. Writing it I did not realize that as often the 'writer and the story' weave from the author's own experience, imagination, dreams and wishes along with a message that felt it had to be expressed. I work a lot with VISUAL imagery and ART. This opens doors into other realms for myself to share to the reader the story or adventure i am taking them on with 'me'. My writing is centered around Romance, Fiction, Supernatural, Spiritual, Fantasy and Mystery. I also have recently launched a series of GOTH Romance and a Novella that carried energy 'codes' for the reader. 

I am an energy healing, angelic visionary and interior designer working with REIKI and Design along with LEY LINE GRIDS. My PASSION in my writing comes from my Creative FLOWS when i am in writing. I also have stories on fan fiction and was inspired by the Twilight books and films along with Books like the GOLDEN COMPASS and HARRY POTTER. 

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I WRITE - Romance, Love stories - Tasteful Erotica - Vampire and Goth romances - BBW Voyeuristic Fantasy - Scifi - 

ADDITIONALLY I write FAN FICTION also under author name 'Roshandra' TWILIGHT and FSOG cross over stories and Edward Bella in the Canon. 

ALL MY BOOKS in EBOOK form may be PURCHASED through my AUTHOR PAGE at 


Mr. White PROCLAIMED his “LOVE” for Ms. BLACK…Ms. Black has a momentary of VULNERABILITY and her own Truth…now what? WELL now the game is amping up. Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL. buckle up……when you have a chemistry as they share and two highly
intelligent minds and attraction never ending…well Turn up THE heat. ONCE LOVE is proclaimed and both sides agree it’s TRUE, you can then kick out the stops and limitations and take it to a hole other level. ROLE PLAYING … BLACK TIES trilogy and much more from R.M. Simone’ 
BLACK TIES trilogy 

Paths Cross and then again.    
Ms. Black and Mr. White meet in Paris.

GUISE Ménage et troise, Erotica, Paranormal, Occult
SHADES OF LOVE Trilogy and arc a Fan Fiction discussion on FSOG and on TWILIGHT and then launches into this trilogy series and with TANTRA. You feel the steam off the pages. Shades of Love trilogy from R.M. Simone’ Highly recommended! Tammy Lynn REVIEW May 24, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition - Verified Purchase Tristan and Gabriella’s story is breathtakingly beautiful. I was totally into this book from the very start. Gabriella is a writer doing a favor for her model friend. When she shows up, she was like OMG! Looks like a FSOG set up. But Tristan is there waiting and talks her down. What does she do? Read to find out. Another thing I’ll say, they have real chemistry. Soul binding chemistry. Does that spark your interest? Go, go, go!!! Put this hot number on your next to be read! Total 5 stars! 

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ‘ e-books’ 


For the Shades of Love ARCS Free on KU e books: 
Shades of Love Earl GreyMorning arc 
Shades of Love The Hamptons 
Shades of Love Bound Arc 
Shades of Love Tristan’s New Year’s Surprise 

BOOK V Saga THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN and novellas also Kismet Vampire novels GOTHIC GATES series is a modern Goth Romance and a back story that is a classic NOIR.  

Contemporary GOTH Romance with a NOIR classic ‘back story’. He’s an Immortal and she does not even believe in Past Lives. How does this unfold? 

GOTHIC GATES series from R.M. Simone’

Gothic Gates Venice 
Gothic Gates New Orleans 

GOTHIC GATES -  #48 NEW REVIEW thank you Super, Sexy New Gothic Romance By Kitri Kon July 17, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition 
Spellbinding new Gothic romance. An unsuspecting, knows her own mind heroine, Samantha, accepts a one-time job of courier to bring a high dollar music order to an elite gothic castle. The stage for seduction is set the moment she steps through the wrought iron Gothic Gates and enters the realm of Dante. A to die for, mysterious hero steeped in the realms of dark luxury, immortal power and erotic pleasure. As soon as Samantha enters the castle, she is immediately swept up into the enchanting world of a Gothic castle ball. She is redressed at the bidding of her host in a scintillating, Gothic masquerade fashion then led to deliver the music to the master of the castle herself. Upon their very first meeting, sparks fly between this couple.
Samantha’s fire meets Dante’s cool old-world elegance in a clash of passion that will have the reader checking to be sure their kindle didn’t just overheat.
If you love sexy, magical books then this one is a must read! permalink

Here are some KEY Quotes and Prelude excerpts from some of my Books 

 *Prelude from Devon* 
Sometimes Love Begins this Way We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop, written in the stars, and holds us in her bosom of forever. Every girl, young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it. For if we did our dream would not come into being, Devon From Devon about Dante' That night I 'changed' ...we made love all night long. My pearls remained on my body. I began to remember my past life here in Venice with Dante. I was a 'courtesan' and he was my lover. I remembered all of it. We were so matched on love making. I took his breath away that night. I surprised my most intimate dreams of what I was capable of in love making. I left him wanting 'more' as sunrise rose. I smiled; the courtesan I was did not permit me to marry him then. I was so in love with him, but our stations were different. This life though was different as none of that mattered. This was the life somehow, we both planned on merging into this romance of love. I hoped this was the true moment of when the heart with her body meets him into a sacred divine union. I loved Dante' without a doubt...Venice opened my true heart of hearts. His words to me in our love making made me smile. "You my dear were a courtesan here in Venice and you stole my Heart." "Steal it again, it belonged to you always." 

NOVELLA ALLEANDREA his Beloved a Quote... Alleandrea's bridge of this love was to see the Swan Masquerade Ball of the past in Paris France and that evening that Kismet touched them both. Upon seeing her, his Venus Botticelli for the first moment, he could not breathe. He waited as she walked towards him standing in the centering under the cosmic Lapis Blue ceiling of the silk canopy over the dance floor. Around him swirled the masquerade ball all in swan masks. She wore none and his Venetian mask he held in his hand. She walked towards him not seeing him Breathe he told himself, just breathe. Love was coming into his arms. 
The NOVELLA opens the reader to this LOVE STORY and bridging the past to the present. Both lovers are reading this same story BOOK V and the memories swirl and wash over both of them now. They meet. There is MUSIC to this NOVELLA TOO. 

Also available to enjoy as you sweetly read Alleandrea's love story. ALCHEMY, The Gold RING. A series of THREE books all about Alchemy, the France Ley Line Grid, a mystery pathway each are on, for different reasons and a love match of Twin soul mates. France, the Art, the Locations, and the Alchemist of the past provide part of this story. The real story holds an intrigue for Ascension for the reader and some very beautiful but hot steamy love moments between these two unsuspecting matched loves. Prologue Paris was in her shroud that evening when I saw her walking across to the cafe. It was night time in the rainy season of late fall. Normally tourists are all gone by this time of year. I watched her leave the Louvre' as she darted between the slow late traffic. Only the locals were sitting in the cafe. The rain was about to come down, but she made it in time while the fog draped the landscape. Mizzle is what some people called this kind of rain in the mist of the fog. She was out to meet someone, I wondered? My mood matched the shroud of Paris at the moment. I could not stop looking at this girl. Something different about her compelled me to watch. She had a naivety and that American trust that the world was a safe place for her. It was not. She looked like she just got out of college. Maybe twenty-three years old at the most. My attention kept being drawn back to her. She was reaching for her cell phone to probably call the person she was meeting. I quietly watched as I stayed in the shadows at the café. She had not noticed anyway. She was about to grab a table under the awnings as it appeared maybe near where I was watching her from. She put her cell phone back into her pocket then looked right at me. Our eyes locked. I don't think she expected to see someone staring at her from the dark. I debated to speak up with introducing myself. I debated longer than what might be considered polite. 

ONE KISS from R.M. Simone’ Fan Fiction Cross Over Novel
Breehan Marie Cygnet   
HER THOUGHTS – Note from Author R.M. Simone’ on story.
Bree and Ethan
The week apart creates time for both Ethan and Bree the polarization changes they each must think about. It is crazy love with passions, flying wildly so high is a runaway train taking their life purposes off track at a moment’s combustion. What had Bree opened within herself with the sexual primal levels of carnal passions? Had Ethan created his own watershed? He’s building his company in public relations, media world and success for his clients he helps to model their product image may be flipped on its end. Having her in his office in Seattle was a solution to help her work feeling comfortable. Is Alise going to change the look of his branding environment of the PUBLICIS? You betcha… Brother sister dynamics are about to come into play now. Relationship dynamics are each thinking over the next move when they reconnect. Breathe Ethan, your strong self control will handle the volatile changes you both erupt with and calm things down.
Still water runs deep. Bree needs to keep her head clear now too, she must juggle this real life, career opportunity and also the side consulting commitment to James Wolfe’s good cause. Oh, yes, enter James Wolfe in the picture too. And yes, enter Alise landing her dream job too. It is going to get interesting now to a whole next level of ONE KISS Story, by Roshandra.  R.M. Simone’  


Welcome R.M. Simone - 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
 Early in pre-teen period as I began by holding summer plays I 'wrote' and organized and put on.  But it was in high school in English Lit class listening to the classics, that I would drift out of the window in thoughts.  I began having this Alice in Wonderland sense of a world for myself to write from.  So, I realized I was always 'writing' or presenting a deeper look into something.  But it was not until I began writing for real estate publications on 'haunted' older properties and 'spirit energy' did I begin to have people comment on how good my writing was.  I did not begin to take this seriously till after I read TWILIGHT.  I was opened to 'write' seriously from the internet trailer for the movie.   The hunting of the deer caught in the forest crossfire of two trees opened a doorway for me to take to PEN.  I immediately researched what the trailer was for and found TWILIGHT.  This spoke to me and then I sat down after seeing the movie and reading the first book into my own work.  That year 2008 I wrote 4 books HERSTORY which I did not publish.  Merely as my exercise to see if I could do this professionally.   This began it for me.  2011-2012 began my Indie publishing my own body of work.

How long does it take you to write a book?  It depends.  If I'm on 'fire' on a story and a character speaking clearly to me, it can be fairly short on time.  I tend to merge into my story line or character view and it just FLOWS fast.  I type really fast and it can be a week to finish rough draft on a 300-page book.  A tribology will take me about three-months with no distractions and first stage of proofing.   My Saga which was 1,000 pages and became a three-novel set of books at 350 pages each, took me three months of endless writing.  I had no idea in doing that created the novels sequentially.  My editor said it was set up with clear set of novels in order.  I thought with that many pages and over 350,000 words total it would need months of cut splice and trim and add.  Not so.  It was all in order.  Surprised me and my editor smiled. 

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?  I try to keep a balance.  I love to hunker down and in and hermit into the world of the story and my characters.  Reality though needs you to exercise the body, eat, and do PR.  If I look at that I tend to be in cycles honestly.  When I am doing my PR and blogs and promoting I am often NOT IN Writer's mode.  The other part of my brain is working.  I have times though I totally am engulfed in the writer world and do nothing else.  My daughter is grown and on her own career out of the state too.  My life is devoted to my creative work and what I love to do.  So, I do not need to juggle other things.  My world is my creative life.  It merely FLOWS.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?  My style is unique.  It is lyrical, poetic and it is rather like a vision that draws the reader into the world I create for them. I also 'write' in various prose styles.   I found this out accidently.  I write in 'Old English' style or at times like a magical grimoire'.   I'm highly visual and detail orientated and also do historical and art history as part of my books.   Additionally, I do write on Fan Fiction.

How do your books get published? Self-Published and through people that 'find me'.  It's fascinating how this happens.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books? Inspiration comes from music, visions I receive or art.  Dream come to me often on an idea or a whole book.  A character also will begin talking to me and a new book from that voice.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?   2008-2009 I write 4 books, and this began the realism of my writing seriously. 

What do you like to do when you're not writing?  Listen to classical music or some great new song that is popular.

What does your family think of your writing? My daughter greatly admires this.  My family though all tragically died in a car matter.  A few others passed due to health matters. 

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?  The fact I seemed to learn quickly how to do the covers myself, the inside book templates and gather my networking.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite? Over 40 books.  Hard to pick one.  Gothic Gates series, Shades of Love trilogy and arcs and Black Ties trilogy.  But Book V Saga, my vampire mid 1700's Paris Kismet Romance might be my favorite.    

Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?  Keep growing. Perfect your genre, but step outside your genre and try another one too.  This all helps you grow and keep refining what you are doing. Always MAKE IT BETTER.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?  Yes, I do.  I love interacting with them via emails.  I have men surprisingly read my romance erotica books and they react telling me 'thank you'.  It aids them on their love making as giving them information.  Also, people contact me telling me my books have an 'energy' feeling to them.  That they feel involved in the book story and they are learning about Tantra also through the books.  They tell me their 'vision' opens up and psychic worlds through my books and characters.  

Do you like to create books for adults?  My erotica is tasteful and so yes.  I do however, have books that are pure romance and can be YA.  Also, Sci-fi and yes vampire and goth. Fairy tales and coming soon will be myth fantasy.

What do you think makes a good story?  Combination of a lead extremely interesting character and the world behind the setting of the story line.  Story line has to hold your interest and how this is all staged and set up.  Characters are key.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? Fashion designer or model.

Any books in the works? Yes, The Corest...a family of three sisters with this oddity of all the women wearing a corset.  This one is rather generational and how they each handle that as their signature lingerie.  Also, a Sci Fi on sex robot dolls. So funny this one is another vampire novel called Beauty of a Man.      

What are your plans for the future?  A top BIG Five Publishing House contract and NYC Bestseller.  Also, England with my Vampire and Goth books and my own Publishing House eventually in San Francisco. 

Roshandra – Author R.M. Simone warmly writing on...

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Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth

"Stellar" is an interesting as well as compelling book of prose poetry that encompasses the wonderment of love. Further, stories of romance, love, and tragedy are told creatively through the eyes of 107 poems. In "Stellar" one will have a chance to go on an odyssey of figurative language, and will also get a refreshing sense of the human condition that we all need, and yearn for love. In "Stellar" one will also have a unique opportunity to view emotionalism seemingly painted by the masters. In reality, however, these poetic words of distinction cannot fit on a canvas, but are to be read on paper, and enjoyed by you and your imagination. 
"An Excerpt from Stellar"

About The Author
I have been a dreamer since I was born in N.Y.C. My dreams started September 20, 1968. I moved to Los Angeles, California when I was very young. I received my education in Los Angeles, and joined the workforce a couple of years after graduating college. I did not start writing poetry until later in life. Friends, and family really enjoyed the beautiful words I shared with them from my poems. So, I continued to write, and published my first prose poetry book "Wonders" in 2009. I published my second book of prose "Romance with A Touch of Love"" in 2011. The dreams kept coming; and I continued to be inspired to write beautiful words. I am honored to share these beautiful words with the world in "Stellar"...    
Phone: 213.926.7133

A Few More Excerpts for Your Enjoyment.

You can contact Kevin on Facebook: 

Southern Owl Publications proudly represents and publishes
Author/Poet Kevin Hollingsworth