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Spotlight on Author Michelle Lowe

Tell us a, little about yourself/self, family, interests?
Michelle:  I’m a high school graduate who went through a couple of years of college for graphic design before leaving when I discovered my true passion was becoming a writer. My works include The Warning, Best Books of 2014 Atlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief: Based on the true story of Britain’s most notorious highwaymen, Claude Du Vall, children's books, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and the children’s book series, The Hex Hunt. I’m married, living in California with my husband and two beautiful daughters. Other than writing, I enjoy arts and crafts, watching movies, and oil painting.
2. Who or what inspired you to write?

Michelle:  It’s hard to explain, but there’s this basic desire I have to tell stories. I’ve always written little stories throughout my life, yet it wasn’t until 1998 that I decided to pursue it as a career. Since discovering my calling, I cannot ignore the need to put words onto paper. I suppose what inspires me is simple, it’s the love for storytelling.
3. What was the first book you ever read?
Michelle:  Old Yeller was my very first chapter book I read.
4. Who is your favorite author of all time?
Michelle:  It’s tough to say which author is my all time favorite because I read many books written by different authors, but if I had to choose, I’d say Neil Gaiman. I’ve loved his work since I was fifteen and reading his Sandman graphic novels. He’s a brilliant writer and storyteller. His stories have deep meaning that I have tried to incorporate into my own work.
5. What is the name of your first published book?
Michelle: The Warning.
6. Why did you choose to write this book and what, genre is it?
Michelle:  The Warning is a science/fiction/murder mystery. When I ready to write something for publication, I learned that murder mysteries sold well, so I figured I’d write my own kind of murder mystery. I already had several stories in my head for awhile, like an artificial human who escaped its creator, a group of justice seekers searching for truths, and a young man accused of murdering his ex girlfriend. I decided to string these little stories together into one book. 
7. How many books do you have written as of now?
Michelle:  What I have published now is seven novels all together. Total books I’ve actually written is ten due to the series I’m working on at the moment.
8. Works in progress?
Michelle:  I’m working on a four volume series titled Legacy. It’s a fantasy adventure full of action, romance, loss, mystery, outlaws, fantasy creatures, and Apache privateers. It’s also set in the world of steampunk. The first volume is coming soon.
9. Where do you like to write? (Desk, Office, Room)
Michelle:  I have my own office area in my house where I’m accompanied by my little knickknacks, paintings, and an old nonworking Underwood typewriter. Is it wrong to say that it’s one of my favorite places in the world to be?
10. Can you share an excerpt from one or all of your books?
Michelle: From The Warning:
“It’s not right for us to take a life because we feel a person should no longer live.”
Linden watched from the floor, too amazed to move. He’d created a soldier, yet that creation now spoke with understanding and wisdom. Seven—Ebenezer now—was expressing real compassion that he himself lacked.
From Atlantic Pyramid:
Here we were. I’d made a dumb promise to let her be. What right did I have to force her to be around me forever? If the plan worked and we could return to the outside world, would the rules of the dead still apply? Or would souls move on to some other place? This could be the only time I’d have to tell her goodbye face to face. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to speak to a departed loved one, one last time?
From Cherished Thief:
 “I think coming back was a terrible idea. Only trouble lurks in the shadows for the likes of us.”
   “I am well prepared for any trouble,” Claude said, pulling out his dagger.
   “What if that bloody knight identifies you?” Jude’s words trembled with worry. “I don’t want to see you swing like Christian. What are you trying to prove, Du Vall?”
Jude’s reminder about his friend’s demise sent an icy shiver up his spine.
“Prove? Nothing. You, on the other hand, have plans for your future. You wish to save, start a business, and add a family to boot. It is all well for you to do so, but you see, I have no such plans. I’ve chosen not to look past next week, let alone the rest of my life. I relish living in the moment. That is why I prefer to take measures to the extreme by taking chances that most men with thoughts beyond the horizon consider madness.”
And from The Hex Hunt series:
“You were the first person I had ever spoken to since the beginning of my existence. When I flew over your cottage and spotted you, I instantly wanted you to join me on my quest. Not solely for help, but as a companion.”
“A companion?” said Rain, standing. “You mean, as your friend?”
“Yes. And as my friend, I was willing to lay down my life to protect you.”
“You were? Weren’t you afraid?”
“No, because protecting a friend is a cause worth dying for.”
11. How do you publish, your books? Indie, or do you have a publisher? (Name of publisher.)
Michelle: I have books published via indie and my novel Atlantic Pyramid is published through Beau Coup Publishing LLC.
12. Is there any, advice you have for new authors? What is it?
Michelle: It’s very tempting nowadays with the access of free self publishing, but you must be patient. Don’t hurry along with your story just to get it out there.
Take your time to write it out as best as you can, revise it numerous times, seek editorial help, and wait a little while afterwards to take that last read through before either submitting it to publishers or publishing it yourself. Showcasing professional work will reflect on you more favorable. Take constructive criticism with a positive attitude and learn from it. Be humble and write what you love!  


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Halcyon Isle #1,#2 & #3 by Author S C Clarke

May I introduce you to Author S C Clarke.  Here is an author of epic genious! The Halcyon series books are sure to touch your, mind, body and soul. Fanstasy at its very best.

Peace No More
Mass chaos has broken out in the land of Aldenna, what started out as a simple war between good and evil, has turned into a battle of bloodshed. Neighbors who were once friends began to fight each other, this was not normal, there had to be an evil force that was making the people of Aldenna turn against one another. Those who were not affected by this rallied together, seeking out victory against this evil, which no one knows where it had come from.
Every year on the day the Halcyon was discovered, everyone in the land would gather around Lake Erewhon, this of course included the royal families as well, they all had a day of feasting and festivities to celebrate their ancestors that came from destruction and had the courage to venture to an unknown land, relinquish their magic and rebuilding everything.
All this now leads to where Halcyon is over one hundred years later. The now King of Indigo, Dominick Randolffe, great-grandson of Benjamin, and his wife Sarah, now ruled the land of Indigo on Halcyon Island. Halcyon is a beautiful and serene island, it is never too hot or too cold, and most days are a pleasant spring day with the occasion of rainfall. There was no fighting or war, they had no enemies, at least until now.

Review: Fascinating fantasy, reminds me of an alien race of Vikings the television show. I could not stop reading it, all through the night, I followed the happiness of the residents of Halcyon then shared in what was coming. So excited to read book # 2.

Lost Kingdom
Patrick and Rebecca Randolffe have met the fate of his father Dominick, Peter, Evan and William now have to find a way to complete the tasks which the four had started. Indigo is without a king or queen. There however seems to be peace once again amongst Halcyon, the remaining royal families are doing everything they can to to ensure the safety of the people of Indigo as well as Halcyon. Even though there is peace, there is still much going on. What has happened to Patrick and Rebecca? Was Dominick gone for good or will he once again return? William, Peter, and Evan all begin to become restless, none of them waking though, and as the storm continued they all began to have the same dream....They were all separately heading towards Indigo's castle just as they were suppose to in the morning. The storm had since let up during the night and the sun was beginning to rise higher into the sky and was almost directly over Lake Erewhon. There were a few wisps of clouds that would pass over in front of the sun, but not enough to block out its light or warmth. As they were approaching Indigo's castle they could see visions of Patrick and Rebecca, although they were not very clear. Then things started to become strange, for some reason when they met, rather than going into Indigo's castle they decided to go to Woodstream and to see Roter. So off the three went and when they finally arrived at the great redwood, Peter saying the words, the door opening and the three of them entered and climbed down the spiral staircase. Neither one of them could see anything all to clearly now, it was like things were popping in and out, and not staying long enough to make a clear impression. There was the table in the room under the redwood, there was something on the table that was not there before, and how could there be, only the four of them knew how to enter and one of them was missing or even gone. Then the room started to spin slowly as images were still blinking in and out. There stood one man, then another, then another, and another, four all together, although they could not clearly see who they were for their faces were a blur. Everything else started to get hazy all around them, then in a blink they were at Lake Erewhon, the haze around them lifted and they could now clearly see the four men who were in the redwood with them more clearly, although they still did not know who they were. William, Peter, and Evan all tried to speak at once, however their mouths opening but no sound coming out. Not sure what was going on and as they looked around Halcyon did not appear to look as it does today. Confused the three kings did not know what to think, there was an almost eerily frightening feeling with also calmness, something told them that all will be alright. One by one the four strange men began to approach them, the last one more slowly than the others. The first man speaks to them, “Do you know why you are here?” Peter tried to speak but still could not, and shook his head to say no. William then looked at the four men and with his head movement and gestures was trying to ask then who are you? The fourth man goes closer to them, “Do you not know who we are? Do you not recognize us?” he asks them, they all shake their heads no, although they should have clearly known who these four men were. “I am Benjamin Randolffe, the others are Charles Sterling, Thomas Lyman, and Jacob Konzak.” said Benjamin as he pointed to the other three men. Peter, Evan, and William stood there motionless, Evan tried to speak, why couldn't they speak, there were many questions going on through their heads. Thomas then speaks, “We have much to tell you, but not right now, you will see us again.” And with that William, Peter, and Evan were back in their castles sleeping.

What a fantabulous, majestic read, these books are keepers. They keep you riveted to the page for the who length of the book. You fall in love with the characters and root for their survival. Love it when they find one another again.

Return From Kiadoz 
What felt like only three long months since Peter and the other kings of Halcyon were trapped in Kiadoz after Dominick had cast a spell as he was being banished by the Kiadonians, in reality was over three years. No one there had realized how much time had actually passed and that time was almost at a stand still. Their wives and the people in Halcyon could not get to their kings and even though they presumed the worst everyday they continued to search for them. In the hopes that one day they would once again return back home. For the past three years, Helena, Rachel, and Marie led their countries, all of the countries had a ruler except Indigo, Jayson took over the duties as king, with Ava assisting him. Jayson never actually took the throne, he refused no matter how many times he was asked. Jayson would not unless he knew his son Jasper to be gone to him and he had the body to prove so. During these three years Ava and her brother Seth came to live in Indigo's castle after their father passed away. Almost seven months after Jasper and the other kings disappeared Ava gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Viviana Elizabeth, Viviana to define life and that although all seemed hopeless and bleak, life still went on. Elizabeth after her mother who passed away from complications after Ava's brother was born. Ava was almost five at this time, she still remembers her mother clearly to this day. Viviana was almost three years old now, her birthday only a little over a month away. Jayson and the house maids did everything to make Ava feel welcome them there in Indigo's castle, her brother Seth was being trained to be a knight by Jayson himself. Halcyon became peaceful and quiet again, the kingdoms and the people went on with their lives. Daniel and Mitchell were now in their teen years, Maxwell and Daisy had just turned ten and little Johnathan was almost five now. Despite not having their fathers there, their mothers did everything to assure them that all would be alright. 


Another wonderful fantasy, sci-fi. The author took me into the newly quiet world of Halcyon.

I hope you all will take a look at these books. A very different kind of read but well worth it.

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Congratulations to Crystal for her
hard work and dedication in writing
as the
Best Historical Romance Author of 2014 - Indie Author Books.

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Spotlight on Author Carol Ann Kauffman

“Echo of Heartbreak, A Recipe for Life”
This is a short story written in the form of a letter from a very ill mother to her unborn daughter, telling her the incidents surrounding her birth, giving her advice on life, and leaving her the best of her family recipes.
Review: This book broke my heart and made me smile for the glory of life. Carol Ann Kauffman captured a difficult subject in a beautiful light. Such a novel way to write a book, never have I experienced such humanity in the love of a mother for her daughter.
Every mother should read this book. Every daughter should be thankful for the mother whom loves them with all her heart.
When this author told the heartbreak of a mother telling her story, giving life advice, handing down the recipes to her daughter, in my mind was a dedication to every relationship in the world. Whether it be mother, daughter, father or son. Let someone know you love them, share your memories with the younger generation.
This book is a treasure to be handed down as a family tradition, let us learn from this story.
Five Stars for this well written, inspirational book with wonderful recipes. Amazon

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And She Waited by Shakuita Johnson

After reading the first chapter of this book I was sure it was going to be a cliché, girl falls in love with boy, he leaves her and she falls in love with her best friend. I was wrong, very wrong. Nothing in the least big cliché about this story. What a rollercoaster of twists and turns it turned out to be. Which in my eyes is genius. My emotions started to play havoc with my psyche as I continued to read. The emotional storm that reigned in Ravens mind came to life on the pages of this book. The character Remy…is well one you have to read about to believe. Matthew the friend has a role that will boggle your mind in this book of outrage, sorrow and travesty. The author, brought these characters into my mind with such force, I doubt that I will ever forget them. Five stars ***** for a well written, well executed tale of one persons struggle to maintain her sanity when faced with unbelievable obstacles. Have the tissues and a foam brick to throw while reading this incredible work of literary art.
The addition of the spotify playlist was remarkable in how each song resonates with the story so well.
To review my first book on this website was so exciting. Something spoke to me and said, read this one first. I wondered whyy this feeling came over me to actually read “And So She Waited.” I can tell you now, I can identify in some ways to the main character. I needed to read this book in its entirety in just a few hours. I don’t know why it had such a strong pull in me. But I am so thankful it found its way into one of my favorite’s, virtual bookshelf.
The addition of the Spotify playlist was remarkable in how each song resonates with the story so well.
Other books by Shakuita Johnson can be seen on

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Leaving a bad review only hurts you!

Happy New Year 2015 everyone!

Back in the swing of things yet?

Yeah, me either, but I am trying really hard to get over my holiday to speak. LOL

Upon returning to my author duties, I happened to find some really bad reviews for my first romance novel Troianne. Now I really don't put much stock in the reviews or rankings on, however, I did see some snarky remarks regarding my hard work. It took me two years to write, what took you two minutes to decide you weren't going to read it all the way through. Why...cause you don't appreciate's fiction people! NOT TRUE! Made up! My minds view of things.

Authors/Writers/Poets work harder with their brains than any other person on earth. Yes, they do! You see their brains are constantly running, day and night, creating, scheming, plotting, putting words in order and sometimes out of order. Creating a work of fiction or even non-fiction takes alot of time and energy. Some of you may say...bah, she just sits around on the computer all day, some say...she doesnt have a real job, others think writing is a waste of time.

To you (some and others) I say, you have no idea what you are talking about. How dare you judge us, the people who provide you with adventurous stories, news, moments of reflection and the humorous side of life.  We have taken you to the moon and back, to far off planets filled with alien life, we have take you from past to present and visa versa, We have given you encouragement, facts, rules, tips and reflection on emotions. We have provided to you weird monsters, zombies, mythical beings, ghosts, paranormal entities and creatures of the night. We have brought you the murderers, the rapists, the thieves and criminals of unspeakable crimes. You have enjoyed the erotic sex that we wrote about in the quiet hours at home alone or when the kids are asleep. We are the printed word, We are Authors/Writers/Poets. We deserve respect for the tireless hours we rack our brains and produce something we hope will entertain you. We doubt ourselves ever second of everyday, we second guess, we edit, hundreds of hours worth of work, for what?

We deserve nothing less than 3*** stars on Amazon. We deserve a Kudos, pat on the back and a thank you for being the one to put ourselves out there for the world to see in our precious work and in our good deeds for others of our profession. We have to market our own work, promote our own work, talk with others tirelessly to even sell one book. We work hard for little pay, but we do it because it is our passion, our love, our way of expressing feelings of our own and that of our characters and others who truly enjoy our work.

So the next time you leave a less than 3*** star review for any Author/Writer/Poet, think about yourself. What are you doing that people would treat you in such a manner? Would you like to be called trite, inadequate or sloppy? Would you like for someone to say that you are not worth a stupid star on a website or that your hard work is useless?
No, you would not, so why do it to one of us?

When you leave a bad review, that is a reflection of your mean and cold heart. Hint: nobody, reads bad reviews! Just sayin! Save your nasty, mean, cold hearted spirit for when you leave this earth. No one here on earth cares or wants to hear or see it.

Thank you! :)