Sunday, January 4, 2015

Leaving a bad review only hurts you!

Happy New Year 2015 everyone!

Back in the swing of things yet?

Yeah, me either, but I am trying really hard to get over my holiday to speak. LOL

Upon returning to my author duties, I happened to find some really bad reviews for my first romance novel Troianne. Now I really don't put much stock in the reviews or rankings on, however, I did see some snarky remarks regarding my hard work. It took me two years to write, what took you two minutes to decide you weren't going to read it all the way through. Why...cause you don't appreciate's fiction people! NOT TRUE! Made up! My minds view of things.

Authors/Writers/Poets work harder with their brains than any other person on earth. Yes, they do! You see their brains are constantly running, day and night, creating, scheming, plotting, putting words in order and sometimes out of order. Creating a work of fiction or even non-fiction takes alot of time and energy. Some of you may say...bah, she just sits around on the computer all day, some say...she doesnt have a real job, others think writing is a waste of time.

To you (some and others) I say, you have no idea what you are talking about. How dare you judge us, the people who provide you with adventurous stories, news, moments of reflection and the humorous side of life.  We have taken you to the moon and back, to far off planets filled with alien life, we have take you from past to present and visa versa, We have given you encouragement, facts, rules, tips and reflection on emotions. We have provided to you weird monsters, zombies, mythical beings, ghosts, paranormal entities and creatures of the night. We have brought you the murderers, the rapists, the thieves and criminals of unspeakable crimes. You have enjoyed the erotic sex that we wrote about in the quiet hours at home alone or when the kids are asleep. We are the printed word, We are Authors/Writers/Poets. We deserve respect for the tireless hours we rack our brains and produce something we hope will entertain you. We doubt ourselves ever second of everyday, we second guess, we edit, hundreds of hours worth of work, for what?

We deserve nothing less than 3*** stars on Amazon. We deserve a Kudos, pat on the back and a thank you for being the one to put ourselves out there for the world to see in our precious work and in our good deeds for others of our profession. We have to market our own work, promote our own work, talk with others tirelessly to even sell one book. We work hard for little pay, but we do it because it is our passion, our love, our way of expressing feelings of our own and that of our characters and others who truly enjoy our work.

So the next time you leave a less than 3*** star review for any Author/Writer/Poet, think about yourself. What are you doing that people would treat you in such a manner? Would you like to be called trite, inadequate or sloppy? Would you like for someone to say that you are not worth a stupid star on a website or that your hard work is useless?
No, you would not, so why do it to one of us?

When you leave a bad review, that is a reflection of your mean and cold heart. Hint: nobody, reads bad reviews! Just sayin! Save your nasty, mean, cold hearted spirit for when you leave this earth. No one here on earth cares or wants to hear or see it.

Thank you! :)

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  1. I try to not leave less than 4 stars. Once I have left a 1 star review. Formatting was bad, pages out of order and typos all over the place. It earned it's review.