Monday, July 13, 2015

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Meet Ashwin, a full-blooded Cherokee doctor and Shaman who becomes involved with Kasey, the office manager of the posh, ocean-front resort and condominium complex where they both live. They develop a fast, close bond, and Kasey is devastated when she learns that he must go out of town for two weeks. She tries to remain stoic for the sake of their budding relationship, but a tragic turn of events forces Ashwin to return early from his trip in order to be by her side. Once his jealous ex-fiance enters the picture, things only become more challenging as Ashwin fights to save his beloved Kasey, as well as to prevent his ex-fiance from doing even more damage, both to herself and the people he loves. 
As Kasey's health, life, and her relationship with Ashwin hang precariously in the balance, he must contend with his jealous ex-fiance, Silver Moon. As her jealousy increases to frightening and dangerous levels, Ashwin must find a way to deal with her, as well as figure out how to pull his beloved Kasey from the devastating grip of the tragedy that has befallen her. Will Silver Moon's heinous actions put an end to Ashwin's and Kasey's budding relationship, or will true love prevail?
Medicine Man Book 2

What starts out as a simple, innocent email request for conversation soon turns into something much, much more. What both people view as a game from the beginning soon turns into something neither one of them expected--an adventure that is full of nothing but scorching, runaway heat, as well as some surprising twists and turns along the way. Join Michael and Vickie as they discover just how delightful this particular type of game can be, as well as just where it can lead... 
When Adam and Ashley meet, she has no idea he's blind, and he has no idea that her self-esteem has taken a beating. This unlikely couple forges a relationship against all odds, which includes his jealous, murderous ex-wife Danielle. Adam and Ashley's unlikely connection proves that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Becca and Robert met purely by accident. What happens afterward, however, is no accident. Becca flies to Oregon to meet her long-distance lover, only to discover that sometimes accidents can be a welcome twist of fate. Robert, who is a handsome, successful doctor, as well as a master of Reiki and a skilled massage therapist, shows Becca an entirely new world of sensual pleasures, pleasures that she'd never known existed. A jealous ex-fiance and a cunning, spiteful mother, however, threaten to end her new-found relationship, if not her very life. Lose yourself in the intimacy, humorous wit, and drama of Becca and Robert as they fight the odds to make their very special relationship work.

Reflections is a collection of poetry on a variety of subjects. I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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