Monday, March 14, 2016



Sadie Warren finally has a taste of what it feels like to be loved for all her faults.
Colton Jennings wants to do whatever it takes to make sure of that.
The only thing standing between them is their own pact.
As Sadie falls deeper into the depths of Colt's charm, the pain caused from her silence is insurmountable. When drifts become more like tidal waves and patience is put to the test, a familiar face steps back into the midst adding even more confusion.
When feelings become stronger than either ever expected, can they hold up to the terms they set from the very beginning?
Lies are told, hearts are broken, love becomes undeniable, and uncertainty prevails.
Sadie promised you a journey in Lost; hang on for the emotional ride that is far from over.

"I heard you in there. He doesn't deserve you." Holy shit! I was shocked stupid. I said nothing. "I told you I wasn't done with you and I'm not. Not by a long shot. But that in there, you need to deal with it. You are so perfect just the way you are. Please don't change one thing about yourself. When you are mine, this is who I want." I grabbed him and kissed him like he was my lifeline. He kissed me with just as much endurance. He pulled back once again and said, "My time to shine is coming, girl. You better be ready for me when it does."  "Can we get out of here and talk? I don't want to leave you yet." "I wish I could, but I've got a date inside that I'm sure is wondering where I am." "Oh, okay. Then we better get you back to her." I started to walk away when he pulled my arm back to him.  "I'm not ready to let you go again." His lips found mine and this time was different. He pulled my lower lip with his teeth and then drug them until he no longer had it. Next he grabbed my upper lip and he softly kissed it, as his tongue swept my lips parting them. We walked backwards never leaving the kiss until he hit the wall. Ash’s body started to slide down and he brought me with him. He eventually was sitting on the concrete and I found myself straddling his waist. Slowly he untied the strap around my neck causing them to fall forward, leaving my breasts exposed. His hands fell to cup them while his thumbs brushed my nipples. My pelvis started to grind into him. I was feeling euphoric knowing my orgasm was seconds away. Wait. What?  I jerked away from him, tying my shirt back in place and coming to stand over him. "You have a date inside and I'm not a street hooker that's going to fuck in a parking lot where anyone can see." He stood up to tower over me. Looking down into my eyes he lifted my chin and said, "My date will be over as soon as I walk through those doors. I'm sorry I let myself get carried away, but don't you ever for a fucking second compare yourself to a whore. You can leave with me in five minutes or you can go back to your friends. It’s your call. Either way, I'm not staying." "I didn't, by the way." "You didn't what?" "Compare myself with a whore. I will meet you back here in five minutes. But remember one thing. Earning me is just the start. Keeping me is a whole other challenge." "Challenge accepted."

Author Barbara Speak loves nothing more than being allowed to share her ideas and thoughts through books that so many enjoy. When she's not writing she's caring for her son and daughter along side her amazing husband in rural Missouri. She has 5 more babies but these are covered in fur. Bode the boxer, Tucker the beagle and Lily, Callie and Connor her kitties.



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