Sunday, March 13, 2016

Crazy Romance Giveaway!

I am running a romance books giveaway on Facebook soon and I'm looking for donations from anyone who has published a romance book. Please, all subgenres of romance are welcome. The more, the merrier! The Facebook event is happening on March 29th.
If you participated in the last romance giveaway in early March or last year, please feel free to offer a few more of your title/titles or even offer other books. It's up to you. I want to represent as many subgenres of romance as possible: Contemporary, historical, erotic, paranormal, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, time travel romance, multicultural/IR, inspirational, clean romance, romantic suspense, LGBT, military, new adult, YA, dark, western, romantic comedy, adventure, BBW, biker romance, chick lit, vacation romance, sports romance, billionaire romance, and the list goes on. If it has romance, please send a reply with what you’d like to donate. Ebooks are fine, but if you want to offer print, be specific about where you’re good with sending them (U.S. or otherwise).

There is a limited time on this, so let me know as soon as possible if you'd like to donate something. Hey, even swag is cool (bookmarks, etc.). People love to win prizes! And if you'd like to help promote the giveaway, the graphic is attached here. Also, if you have any author friends whom you think might want to get involved, please have them contact me.Thank you for all your assistance now and always. Have a great week! :)


Marie Lavender, Multi-Genre Author 


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