Monday, February 23, 2015

Addiction Fighters Need Help!

Hello my name is Sandra Shrewsbury 
I am the author of Outside the Addiction- A Mother’s Story. I also released my new book Aftermath of an Addiction on November 14th 2014. I want to spread awareness about drug addiction and what the signs are. If you can help someone early enough they have a better chance at changing their lives. The more information you have on addiction the better the results will be. Please never feel ashamed or alone because you are not. I hope to many lives and hope that my books will help at least one family. The first book is my story and what my family went through. The second book Aftermath of an Addiction is based on a child’s view of living with an addict. What they go through is heartbreaking and we as adults must take a stand to protect them from this pain. One in 1,000 children have to deal with a parent who has an addiction and the numbers are growing. It is time to open our eyes and stop hiding in the shadows and help people become aware of the signs . My Addiction Fighter's and i spread drug addiction awareness by doing local events in and around our communities. I am in the process of setting up an event for this summer but it cost money to do that. All my proceeds from my series goes toward these events. My books are only .99 cents for e-books
6.98 for Outside the Addiction-A Mother's Story in paperback
8.00 for Aftermath of an Addiction in paperback.
Book three Breaking-Away ( The Final Chapter) will release sometime this summer.
For less then a cup of coffee you can help spread awareness of Drug Addiction to local communities and schools. You can help save someones life from this demon that is taking our loved ones from us. You can inform parents on what to look for and how to stop it before it's to late. I have 1,329 friends on my friends list if each of them bought an e-book for .99 cents we would raise $465.15 to go toward the cost of pamphlets on the signs of drug addiction, posters, rental tables, information sheets for parents, We also would have on site counselors for people wanting help.A information stand for families who are dealing with a child or sibling with an addiction. There is so much we want to add to these events but like i said it takes money and the help of others to get it done. So today i ask for each of you to open your hearts and help us fight this demon one step at a time. One person at a time and one family at a time. Thank you and God Bless!

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