Monday, October 20, 2014

Blogging Tips

10 Crucial Lead Generation Opportunities on your Business Blog (Infographic) by +Callbox

"The goal of a blog is like how man courts a woman, the first step is to get noticed.

Introduce yourself and impress her. Just like how content marketing goes you need to make that impression, feed your readers with incredible thoughts to ponder and that they will never forget your name from the first day you met.

Having a blog doesn’t end at posting, it’s just the start of something big. You don’t want your crush to know you stay friends with her, right. It’s time to take the next move.

Show some effort. Content marketers don’t just stop at writing 500 words article a day, they share it. They broadcast it to the world through social networking sites, curation and many other mediums. Here is a infographic that will show you how to make your readers say ‘yes‘."

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