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Twelve Signs of Drug Addiction - Do you need Help?

Do you or someone you know have a drug addiction? It’s difficult to tell at first, however, many people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without developing a dangerous substance abuse problem. Drug addiction can affect your whole life—from work and finances to personal relationships, school, and health.
If you think you or someone else you know has a drug addiction, look for the following warning signs of substance abuse…
1. Changes in Appearance
Sudden weight gain or loss, blood shot eyes, dilated pupils, and strange smells on their breath or clothing.
  1. Loss of Appetite
Lack of interest in eating or sleep.
  1. Lack of Personal Hygiene
Drug addicts often cease personal grooming—such as washing clothes, showering, and brushing teeth.
  1. Memory Loss
For instance, unable to recall what they did last night or if injured, unable to recall how it occurred.
  1. Loss of Interest in Social Activities
A loss of motivation for school, hobbies, exercise, or for things that they enjoyed in the past.
6.Financial Requests
For instance, a sudden unexplained need for money—i.e., borrowing or stealing to pay off unexplained debt.
  1. Secretive Behavior
They act sneaky, withdraw from those they love and remain secretive about where they spend their time.
  1. Change in Social Circles
A shift from longtime friends and relationships to new friends, hangouts, and pastimes.
  1. Change in Personality
Unexplained changes in attitude, mood, increased irritability, and angry outbursts.
10.Highs and Lows
Periods of extreme hyperactivity—followed by periods of fatigue where they seem “out of it”
11. New Health Concerns
Sure as headaches, seizures or tremors, and nosebleeds (i.e., meth or cocaine use)
12. Paranoia
A sudden fear or distrust of others with no rational explanation.

Programs Available.

You may be trying to straighten out by yourself. After all, you should be able to put that drink down, eat moderate, healthy meals, or work responsibly with your doctor to identify proper medication. Or perhaps the last intervention and rehab for drugs or alcohol should’ve stuck. Yet that hasn’t been the case and you’re back at square one or worse.
We can help. The Recovery Village is a full service substance abuse, mental health andeating disorder treatment and continuum of care facility. Get ready. Recovery Village is the path to health.
At Recovery Village, we provide complete wellness care and specialize in relapse prevention in our clinic. Located minutes from Orlando, Florida at the entrance of the Ocala National Forest, our facility provides a full continuum of services, from detox to rehab to eating disorders, individualized and group therapy, as well as post-treatment options.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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Overcoming drug addiction and co-occurring disorders can seem impossible, but it’s not. Expert help is available to ensure you or a loved one gain control and do a complete 180 degree turn towards the positive aspects of life.
Call 1-866-643-6144 Now to begin the process of change.
Our free, 24 hour a day, 7 days per week drug helpline is here to assist you.

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 This is a group where you can come and talk about everything and don’t have to worry about judgement. Please if you need someone to talk to go to this link and i will add you to our group! This is for families of addicts and also addicts themselves who want help.
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