Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Promo Ideas.

In today's literary world. Marketing your book can be a full time job. I hear many authors complaining they don't have time to promo or market their books. My question to you is...You don't want it very bad do you?
There is always time to get online and share your book. Many authors get on Facebook at night after work. This is a good time to promo your book.
Twitter is quick and easy. You can get your short link and pop in the picture of your cover, woolah! You have just promoted your book.

Social media is one of the quickest ways to promote.

I have compiled a list of ways to get your book seen!

1.) Social Media
2.) Facebook Groups, join them. They help!
3.) Paper products, Simple business cards, self made or ordered. Leave them everywhere you go! Teasers: They are pictures related to your book with a line or paragraph from the book, giving your customers just a little tease of what they will see in the book. Many authors know how to make their own. You can have them made for you for free by a very nice generous person who is willing to help you. (leave me a comment if you need help finding someone to help you make a teaser)
4.) Blogs, create one. They help get your information out all over the world.
5.) Street Teams or Fan Pages on your blogs, or Facebook.
6.) Ask for help from people. Please, help me get the word out about my book. Thank you!
7.) Ask other bloggers to interview you, or you interview them on your blog. People will want to check it out.
8.) Work for more than one hour in the morning if possible and one our at night. I personally work four hours in the am and four hours in the evening. But that is just me. You are different.
9.) Keep a calendar on your phone, computer and a regular paper calendar. Keep track of times you ask people to share.
10.) Hold on line events and give away a copy of your book.
11.) Ask to join events. Takeover for an hour or 1/2 hour. Showcase your own book. Have a little contest to generate sales.
12.) Be diligent. If you go on vacation or have to be away for a whole day. Ask some one to help share your books out that day. Reward them with swag. Swag is little gifts or homemade items you reward your fans or friends with for sharing or buying your book. Forms of swag are, bookmarks, postcards, magnets, jewelry, gift cards, business cards, signed 5x7 photo cards, etc.
13.) The more bookmarks, magnets, business cards, book related items you hand out, drop off at doctors offices, etc. The better.  I was up north at a popcorn shop, mentioned I was an author and sold 4 ebooks and 2 paperbacks online in 10 minutes. It can be done!

If you are a quiet introverted person. Just leave your information in sitting rooms. On the tables at restaurants, with your tips. You don't have to talk to anyone.

I hope some of my advice is helpful.

Here is a short list of Social Media sites that are free and very helpful;

Facebook                          Reddit
Twitter                              Blogspot
Tumblr                              Google+
CoPromote                        LinkedIn/Groups/Book Promo
Book Daily

I know most of you probably use these sites and have tried what I have suggested. You may say they don't work. Yes! They do if your heart is in it and you are trying earnestly to make your book a success.


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