Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Author G E Stills Blog Tour


For the 18+ reader
Exploring caves by day, then partying and romancing all night with her all male team members, is a dream come true for Mia. After all, what more could a woman ask for than her choice of four handsome, muscular men who all adore her. Things are about to change for her, because an ancient evil awaits the team in the final cave they explore. This evil will rip her world apart.



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BIO: Normally zany and often naughty talking, G. E. has a serious and compassionate side if you can find it. He cares deeply for his friends and hasn't met an animal yet he didn't like. He is terrified of heights so hasn't braved the tramway ride in his home town. He lives in the southwest while longing to live by the sea. He often says, "We have the sandy beaches but where is the water?" He heeds the call of the many characters that pop into his mind and demand to have their stories put in print. Their tales are both serious and humorous. A multi-published author his stories cover many genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance and science fiction. His stories are both erotic and non-erotic in nature. G.E. is the leader of a local writers group and in addition hosts a meeting of his own locally on fiction writing bi-monthly.

       1. Mia (main character)

2. Linda, Mia's Friend and Lover

3. Harding (Mia and Linda's friend, lover and helper)

4. Genna (Kamal's blood slave)

5. Kamal (Vampire that Mia hunts)

6. Mia's devil tattoo

7. Mia Sexpot

8. Teaser

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  1. I love this book, along with Gail's and Jeff series and demon feed. I can't get enough of it.

    Can't wait for your next work in progress.