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Blog Tour For Author Darlene Kuncytes

Meet Darlene Kuncytes!  She is from Ohio – born and raised. She went to North High School and Lakeland Community College. She fosters puppy mill survivors and has a wicked sense of humor. She is known for her giggle – snort at any given moment. She loves to sing in her car at the top of her lungs and isn’t afraid to car dance at stop lights. She loves meeting new people and she cries at the stupidest things. She is also very protective of the people she loves and trusts. Her mentor would be Stephen King – she loves the way he writes his characters and how they become real and talk and act like we do.
She has three books in her Supernatural Desires Series – Book 1 is “A Vampire’s Saving Embrace” – Book 2 “A Wolf’s Savage Embrace”  and Book 3 - “Marcus’ Mortal Embrace”. 
She just released a Contemporary/Suspense Romance that is not part of the series called I’ll Be Seeing You! It is a sexy as hell thriller!
She is also included in a Paranormal Christmas Anthology called “Mystical Xmas and another Royal Mystical love. Coming in June – Mystical Summer!!! These Anthologies are $.99 on Amazon and free on B&N and Smashwords with all proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  Below is a list of all books currently out along with links and a little teaser from book 3.
Darlene’s advice to all writers is to “NEVER give up and not be afraid to lean on other Authors – that we are here to help. Write for yourself as if you are writing just for you! Love what you write and don’t worry about anything else!” Darlene’s favorite positive saying is “STAY STRONG”.
Darlene’s message to all her readers --- “THANK YOU!!! Thank you for loving my characters as much as I do! For wanting to hear their stories! And for wanting more! OMG!!! It means so very much to me when someone sends me a message telling me that they loved my books and can’t wait for the next one. That it made their heart rush or that they laughed out loud. That is what means the most to me and keeps me doing what I am doing!!”
Darlene is currently working on a website and also has a fan page on FaceBook – “A Vampire’s Saving Embrace

Book Links –
A Vampire’s Saving Embrace –
A Wolf’s Savage Embrace –
Marcus Mortal Embrace -
I'll Be Seeing You -
Mystical Xmas –
Mystical Royal Love -
Amazon Author Page -

A Vampire Saving Embrace
Abigail Montgomery was happy with her life. She was independent, strong and had managed on her own for a long time. That was until the dark, handsome Desmond LaGrange showed up at the bar where she worked. How could she know that this mysterious man would end up saving her from the evil she didn't even know existed? And why was she so drawn to him?
Desmond LaGrange was fighting a past he was trying hard to forget. But when
he see's the beautiful Abby working behind the bar, something deep inside compels him to get closer.
The only question was why?
When he saves her from danger - can he resist the strong pull between them to let her go when the time comes?

A Wolf's Savage Embrace
Hard-headed and fiercely independent - Katrina Winslow is definitely not used to being told what to do.
Yet - just when she thinks her life might be heading in the right direction for the very first time - she's hit with a bomb-shell; and her past pops up to haunt her.
Suddenly, she is sent down a path that she has no desire what so ever to take; and is told to leave behind the one man that she could possibly care for - or he'll be killed. And that makes for one ticked off Witch!

Now, it's Lucas Blackwater's turn to show Kat that he is a force to be reckoned with. He is the Alpha male of his pack - sarcastic, overbearing and drop-dead gorgeous...and definitely not use to being told no.
When Kat tells him that she's leaving - he doesn't take the news well - and forces her to take him with her. Whether she likes it or not.

Together they begin a journey that will change their world in more ways than they could ever have imagined. And, as Kat tries to push Luke away; for what she believes is his own safety - Luke has other idea's. And the sparks fly!
Can Luke convince her that what they have between them is real - or will the dangers that threaten everything they are destroy them? And, everyone that they love - including Abby and Desmond.

A fun, sultry, touching romance with passion and heart! It will grab you and hold on - from start to finish!

Marcus’ Mortal Embrace teaser –
He tilted her head slightly as his tongue swept in and chased hers in an onslaught of sensation. He moaned deep in his chest as her hands slid up and into his hair, holding him in place as she returned his kiss. Their teeth clacked together as their tongues dueled in what was swiftly becoming a passionate embrace. Marcus’s hands slid to the curve of her backside as he pressed himself against her. He felt her shiver at the contact and groaned once again.

Marcus’ Mortal Embrace teaser – Marcus felt a strange tingling run through his body when the mortal turned around and looked at him. She was absolutely breathtaking. She was tall – at least five nine, he surmised in an instant – and curvy. Her dark chestnut hair fell in waves around her face and over her shoulders – hi-lighting her most compelling features – her deep blue eyes. They were the color of the finest sapphires and Marcus found himself getting lost in their steady gaze as she watched him watching her. Jesus! He mentally shook himself, and gave her a smile, but when she began to nervously explain to him why she was in the kitchen, and apologize for waking him – he felt the overpowering urge to pull her into his arms and comfort her. Just what in the bloody hell?

I'll Be Seeing You
Katherine Chastain has been running from her past for ten very long years. She is a woman who has been hiding from the nightmare that stalks her. Desperate and sick of jumping at every shadow, she stumbles into the small town Police Department in yet another town where she lives – desperate for help. Desperate to know that she isn’t insane like everyone seems to believe.

She wasn’t prepared for the force of nature that answers her call.

Detective Cole McKenzie was the playboy of the precinct. With movie star good looks and a body just made for sin; he never had a cold bed – but when Katherine walks into his office in search of salvation, he is nearly knocked to his knees.

There is something about her that he just can’t shake. Her haunted emerald eyes burn him to his very soul, and he finds that he wants nothing more than to help her stop the nightmare that has become her life.

Can Cole protect her from someone who is like a phantom? Someone who has been stalking and terrorizing her for most of her life? Can he fight the desire that wells up inside him with just a simple look from this amazing woman? Or will she be his end?

Can these two fight the attraction that snaps and crackles around them as danger lurks in the shadows?

Take a breath and join this thrilling ride!

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